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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Can we address the systems that allow racism to thrive? Painting Wendy Davis as a bad mother in the midst of her campaign for Texas Governor is bullshit and sexist. “What they’re really about has nothing to do with abortion or the health of anyone; it has to do with controlling women.” Catherine Samba-Panza is [...]
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Quote of the Day: Malala calls out President Obama on drone strikes

Tweet Though she didn’t win the Nobel Peace prize, Malala Yousafzai did get a meeting with the Obamas last week, and she didn’t shy away from criticizing US drone policy. She recalled, “I thanked President Obama for the United States’ work in supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan and for Syrian refugees. I also expressed [...]
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The Olympic Games are obsessed with policing femininity

TweetThe International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has planted itself firmly at the intersection of gender policing and colonialism. The Star recently published a fascinating and infuriating article by Stephanie Findlay about the policing of femininity in preparation for the Games being held this summer in London. Remember all the sturm und drang around Caster Semenya? The IAAF has [...]
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No thanks: A little historical truth-telling about Thanksgiving

TweetThe historical narrative that surrounds the American Thanksgiving feast is fairly recent. The purportedly idyllic partnership between the European Pilgrims and New England Indians is actually only about 120 years old. After WWI, the story that we learn in school today became THE story. I believe deeply in the power of re-appropriating racist and sexist [...]
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CLPP 2011: Colonized Spaces, Criminalized Bodies

TweetThe ongoing legacies of colonialism are tied into the aggressive over-policing of communities of color and criminalization of poor people, immigrants, and sexual minorities. Panelists will talk about activism and personal work to expose and resist the effects of current and historical colonial occupation. Falguni Sheth, a philosopher teaching at Hampshire College, moderated the panel [...]
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