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What if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare?

TweetAfter an unprecedented 6 hours of oral arguments, the Supreme Court wrapped up their consideration of Obamacare yesterday.  The Court’s five conservatives asked probing questions and seemed very skeptical of the individual mandate throughout the week.  After three days, it seems that President Obama’s signature achievement might be in jeopardy of a partisan ruling by [...]
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Quick hit: Preventing gender bullying in the classroom

TweetAt the blog Together for Jackson County Kids, one elementary school teacher wrote a beautiful story about teaching young children about gender. “Ms. Melissa” had a student who was gender variant, and in thinking about how to make that student more comfortable in her classroom, she realized that all her students needed to be taught [...]
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The personal is political: princess parties

TweetAs we wound round and round in circles, nice little breaks from the monotony of the chicken dance, my goddaughter, R., stared up at the “real live princess” with big, serious eyes. Every move the princess made–whether twisting a pink balloon into a phallic sword for her male cousin, or painting a butterfly on her [...]
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U.S. organization paying HIV-positive women in Kenya to get IUDs

TweetAnna Clark has a really important piece at The Nation about the work of Project Prevention (formerly known as CRACK), a previously domestic-based organization that has now spread their efforts internationally in the name of protecting children — by paying HIV-positive women 40 bucks to get an IUD. That amount of money is actually quite [...]
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Tennessee Senate passes “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

TweetNot an Onion headline, people. Via Unicorn Booty, we find that a proposed bill that would make it illegal to use the word “gay” or “homosexuality” or discuss topics about being gay in Tennessee schools passed the Senate yesterday. Via Think Progress: The bill would prohibit teachers from discussing of any sexuality except heterosexuality in [...]
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