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New Favorite Tumblr: Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

TweetAlright, I’m not entirely sure the point of this Tumblr is to highlight the ridiculousness of pin-up poses, but let’s just assume it is. In that case, feminist commentary on vintage sexism + adorable cats = winning the internet, in my book. Check out my favorite images after the jump and the rest here.  Tweet
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Fully dressed superheroines are about questioning the genre, not imposing a moral code. Kai M Green: “I will never straighten out my wrist.” Hillary Clinton: Helping women isn’t just a “nice” thing to do. Speaking of which, check out Politico on Hillary Clinton Fever. The New York Times reports on the NYPD’s policing of [...]
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Eesha’s favorite thing in the world, today: The Kitten Cover

TweetNow, I’m not a major fan of cats. I find them to be aloof, unreliable with their affection and always plotting clandestine activity. I love Lola-Maye, my BFF Susana’s kitty that thinks she’s a puppy. But really, Lola’s it. I’m a girl that loves dogs. I like my pet affection just like I like all [...]
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Because we all need a cute cat video sometimes.

TweetWhether you’re grumpy to still be at work before the long weekend, or just fixin’ for some cuteness. Tweet
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Public internet shaming and sexism.

TweetFor those of us that have been online for a while, it is well understood that with or without a concrete reason, things spread online virally often garnering massive amounts of support in a flash, irrelevant of how serious, true or false allegations may be. You never know when you hit “publish,” what the outcome [...]
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