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What About Our Military Mothers?

TweetLately I have been mulling over military moms who, upon notification of deployment, scramble to find childcare for their children. I can’t help but wring my hands and ask: where are all the fathers? And I am not talking marriage here or even money. I am talking about mutual parental involvement. Women are expected to [...]
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Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business–24 of them are Female

TweetI really like Fast Company’s coverage–they manage to produce a lot of fresh, interesting material that isn’t just about fuddy duddy notions of business, but the intersections of sustainability, design, creativity, leadership, innovation etc. (Full disclosure: I’m one of those nerds who likes futurist talk about where the world is headed culturally, technologically, sociologically etc.). [...]
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The Pandora’s Box of Cohabitation

TweetSo remember awhile back when I asked for your advice on sharing space with a partner and not losing your mind? Well, I’m happy to report that it’s been about three months of cohab-ing and things seem to be going along swimmingly. I think in my effort to make sure that my body wasn’t invaded [...]
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ACLU sues Arkansas over adoption law

TweetOne of the less-discussed anti-gay ballot initiatives that passed in November was an Arkansas measure that bars unmarried couples from adopting or foster-parenting. Now the ACLU has filed a suit that says the law is not in the best interest of children — which makes sense, because at a time when there are 3,700 children [...]
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NFL excludes women from retiree health talks

TweetFrom The New York Times: As the wife of a former N.F.L. player with degenerative dementia, Eleanor Perfetto finds herself performing the most basic tasks for her husband, Ralph Wenzel: she feeds him, bathes him and tries to explain all that is happening to him. She could not, however, attend a meeting Thursday night in [...]
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