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Feministing Chat: Ban Bossy?

Tweet Maya: Let’s discuss Lean In’s latest project to “ban bossy.” My first thought is that Beyonce is obviously the best part of the whole thing. Tweet
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Investors more likely to give to men over women who are pitching the exact same idea

TweetWell, this is depressing. ThinkProgress flags a new study that shows just how much the gender of the person doing the pitching affects what business proposals are invested in. Researchers from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Wharton School examined three entrepreneurial pitch competitions along with two controlled experiments. “[W]e find that investors prefer entrepreneurial pitches presented [...]
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Pantene says you can wash that sexism right out of your hair

Tweet Don’t you hate it how people are labelled differently for engaging in the same behaviour? What’s “persuasive” in a man is labelled “pushy” in a woman. A father who stays up all night working is “dedicated,” but a woman who does that is “selfish.” That is, like,  so unfair. Luckily, that problem has a [...]
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On autism, feminism, and human value

Tweet Of all the things I’ve learned from working alongside and reading the work of amazing disability justice activists, one of my biggest ah-hah moments was when they helped me make connections between the ways bodies are valued (or aren’t) and their ability to produce capital. It’s a very common trope, that of the good, [...]
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Has feminism really become capitalism’s handmaiden?

Tweet Has feminism become capitalism’s handmaiden? That’s what Nancy Fraser argues in a really fascinating piece over at The Guardian, claiming that feminist ideas have been used in the rise of neoliberalism: In a cruel twist of fate, I fear that the movement for women’s liberation has become entangled in a dangerous liaison with neoliberal [...]
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