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Eric Cantor heckled for opposing marriage equality

TweetWhile speaking yesterday at the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was booed for opposing marriage equality. When the time came to take questions, Cantor was asked how he squares his support for states’ rights with his support for the federal Defense of Marriage Act. [...]
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This is why we need more women in student leadership

TweetLast year at my alma mater, a committee was formed to investigate why there were so few women in student government leadership. When the committee presented its findings in March of this year, this was one of them: Although some women do run for elected office, many students choose less visible jobs behind the scenes. [...]
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Bring Feministing to your school!

TweetSince the Fall of 2009, Feministing has been traveling to college campuses, women’s organizations, and BBQ joints across the country and internationally, provoking a dialogue on the state of the feminist movement(s) today. We discuss a range of topics as diverse as we are, from Michele Bachmann to genderqueer experience, from fishnet stockings to environmental [...]
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Quick hit: Lisa Wade on the real problem with hooking up in college

TweetHooking up isn’t the problem, she says. The problem is how we talk about hooking up. Or rather, about how we talk about nothing but hooking up. The problem isn’t hooking up, it’s that hooking up is the only way of being sexual that my students see as an option. There were no counter-messages. Students [...]
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“Plagiarism is something people are expelled or suspended for, but there seems to be a near-infinite tolerance for rape.”

Tweet**Trigger warning** It was announced yesterday that a group of current Yale undergraduates and young alumni have filed a Title IX complaint against the University. The complaint was filed several weeks ago and yesterday, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced that it will begin an investigation into how the University handles complaints [...]
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