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On cynicism, calling out, and creating movements that don’t leave our people behind

Tweet   Lately, I’ve been thinking about the ways that the movements for social justice of which I am a part deal with mistakes folks make publicly. I’ve been thinking and talking with my friends about how quickly we shun and publicly shame our folks that are in a different place from us politically, how [...]
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New Tumblr crush: “Is This Feminist?”

TweetSpoiler alert: The answer is almost always PROBLEMATIC. Doing science? Sorry. You’re “reinforcing a masculine-supremacist view of intelligence.” Reading? Nope. After all, “the Western canon is white and male-dominated.” Watching sports? Please, that’s a “sort of miniaturized warfare.” Yep, it’s hard being a marginally acceptable feminist full-time. But it’s still feminist to watch Friday Night [...]
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