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Investors more likely to give to men over women who are pitching the exact same idea

TweetWell, this is depressing. ThinkProgress flags a new study that shows just how much the gender of the person doing the pitching affects what business proposals are invested in. Researchers from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Wharton School examined three entrepreneurial pitch competitions along with two controlled experiments. “[W]e find that investors prefer entrepreneurial pitches presented [...]
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Quick Hit: What Can you do with $443,360 and 12 years?

Tweet That’s how much money some working women are missing out on as a result of wage disparities among genders. According to the Huffington Post: “The typical full-time working woman stands to miss out on $443,360 over 40 years because of the gender wage gap, according to an April report from the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC). [...]
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Yes, we still have to call out sexism against Marissa Mayer

Tweet The news that former Google executive Marissa Mayer had been appointed President and CEO of Yahoo – just a few days before announcing her pregnancy – was met with feminist glee back in July. But the honeymoon between Mayer and feminists is long over, following revelations that Mayer doesn’t particularly care for feminism, nor [...]
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Breaking: Gender discrimination and power equals sexism

TweetI know, you might already know this, but Victoria Pynchon at Forbes is still trying to figure out which came first, gender oppression or internalized reactions to gender oppression. via Forbes. Which came first – discrimination against women in pay and power or women’s own failure to negotiate the pay and power we deserve? If you [...]
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