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In UK, the average coming out age has dropped by over 20 years

TweetStonewall just released new findings from an online poll they conducted of over 1,500 individuals, revealing that the average coming out age has dropped significantly: [A]mong the over-60s the average age they had come out was 37. But those in their 30s had come out at an average age of 21, and in the group [...]
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Arkansas School Board Member: “The only way im wearin (purple)…is if they all commit suicide”

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TweetTwo news items from yesterday: 1) The Department of Education sent out a letter to schools that “clarifies the relationship between bullying and discriminatory harassment,” observing that since homophobic bullying is gender-based, it violates the law, and schools must address and prevent it. 2) A school board official in Arkansas (Clint McCance) declared on Facebook that wearing [...]
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Fort Worth, TX Councilmember Tells GLBT Kids “It Gets Better”

TweetJoel Burns is my new hero. At this Tuesday’s Fort Worth City Council meeting, Burns used his platform as a councilmember to tell his story for the first time, and to express what he wished he was able to show all of the GLBT youth — and the 13-year old boy he once was — [...]
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Dharun Ravi and anti-gay sentiments in the South Asian community

Tweet I was surprised last night when my mom said they should put Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei in jail for what they did to Tyler Clementi, a young man who took his life last week after Ravi and Wei spread video of him engaging sexually with another man on the internet. I shouldn’t be [...]
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Youth Suicides, Andrew Shirvell, and America’s Tolerance of Anti-LGBT Hate

TweetYesterday, we found out about the fourth teen suicide this month after bullying and/or harassment by their school peers for being gay or perceived to be gay: Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington bridge last week after his roommate broadcasted a video of him hooking up with a boy on the [...]
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