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Art to inspire in the face of injustice: Claudia Silva Ferreira

Tweet Trigger warning: graphic police violence On the morning of March 16th, Claudia Silva Ferreira left her house in Rio de Janeiro to buy bread. On her way, she was caught in a gun fight between drug traffickers and a pacifying police unit, who shot her. Claudia was placed in the back of a police vehicle [...]
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Adidas markets World Cup t-shirts that play off stereotypes of sexy Brazilians

TweetHow very original. Adidas released–and has now pulled–these two new t-shirts to promote the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. Get it? Because Brazilian women are oh-so-sexy and obviously exist for your viewing pleasure. In fact, you can go ahead and think of the entire country as–literally–one big piece of ass.  Tweet
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Brazil’s “rolezinhos:” a new kind of social movement

Tweet Image translation: “Flash Mob. Vandalism.”  Brazil is facing a new kind of social movement, and it’s got a name: a “rolezinho.” Portuguese for “little outing” rolezinhos are events organized via Facebook which result in a mass social gatherings of young people in public malls. The majority of those who attend are low-income brown and [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetCompiled by Juliana and Alexandra Argentina has some of the most trans friendly legislation in the world. But how does that play out in real life? Letters from a YSI jail. Descendants of runaway slaves in Brazil are still fighting for the right to live peacefully on their land. Suey Park on Citizen Radio! How [...]
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Rio de Janeiro has started “legalizing” favela residents

Tweet The government of Rio de Janeiro recently reported that is in the process of providing land titles to 23% of its favela residents, people who have been living in city’s urban ghettos often for generations without any legal right to their homes.  Tweet
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