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Why YOU are beautiful, full stop.

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TweetOriginally posted on jocelynthemaster.blogspot.com. So here’s the thing. This picture that’s been circulating around Facebook… …is BULLSHIT. I know that not everyone who has posted this has been all “OMG THIS IS SO EFFING TRUE LOVE YOUR BODY <33333333″ and that many people have used it as a jumping-off point for more critical discussion about [...]
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Wednesday Weigh-In: Pubic Hair Edition

TweetAccording to the Atlantic, it’s time for another trend piece about pubic hair grooming habits. There’s some interesting history there, although its conclusion–that some young women, especially white college students, are waxing it all off these days–is probably pretty obvious to most real young people. It should also be noted that the answer to that [...]
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Vintage Sexism: “You can’t afford to be skinny” edition

Tweet The vintage ad above was posted at Retronaut as part of a series of similar ads this week. It’s a good reminder that our current beauty standards, which promote weight loss and thinness, are actually pretty recent. It wasn’t so long ago that skinny was a considered a bad thing, and gaining weight to be curvier [...]
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Jenn Pozner and Melissa Harris-Perry’s class talk reality TV

TweetYesterday Melissa Harris-Perry’s Tulane class had a Twitter chat with Jenn Pozner about reality TV and the messages it’s selling us about race, gender, class, our bodies and sexualities, inspired by Pozner’s book Reality Bites Back. Zerlina dropped knowledge in the chat as well. You can read the whole conversation at the hashtag #RealityBitesBack. Here’s [...]
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Love for the nation’s only plus-size vintage clothing store: Fat Fancy

Tweet I had the serious pleasure of visiting Portland Oregon for the first time earlier this fall. There are many fun things to report about that city, but my favorite by far was a little store tucked away in downtown Portland called Fat Fancy. I had heard about the store from friends and quickly ventured [...]
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