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“No duh” study: Free birth control doesn’t lead to “promiscuity”

TweetIn case you were concerned that the surge in no copay birth control under Obamacare is turning us into a nation of sluts because “the only thing standing between women and promiscuity is a fear of pregnancy,” a new study from the Contraceptive Choice Project should ease your worries.  Tweet
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White teacher shames his Black student for dressing up as Santa, or how the right is waging a war on Christmas

TweetMegyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh aren’t the only people obsessively invested in Santa’s alleged whiteness. Just last week, a white teacher chastised his Black student for making the mistake of dressing up as Santa.  Tweet
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Quote of the Day: Bill O’Reilly said something hateful and transphobic because it’s a day ending in Y

TweetBill O’Reilly is a bigot. Bill O’Reilly is an overall unpleasant human being. Bill O’Reilly still has a television show. Bill O’Reilly still gets ridiculously high ratings. Bill O’Reilly still gets those ratings despite, or perhaps because of, the fact he says really absurd, hateful things, such as this: “Do you see what I’m saying [...]
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Why Jennifer Aniston sort of rocks, and Bill O’Reilly is Still An Asshole

TweetI don’t know how much Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman’s new movie, The Switch, is going to challenge ideas of conventional family structures like Aniston claims it will: it’s about a woman who plans to use a sperm donor to have a baby solo — until her doting best friend drunkenly switches his sperm with [...]
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