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It’s time… to get out the Kleenex

TweetThis ad from Get Up!, an Australian progressive group, urges the Australian government to legalise same sex marriage. Before you watch it, I urge you to grab a few tissues, because it is beautiful and it will probably choke you up. The video is called “Love Story,” and with good reason: most people, if they [...]
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Women at Australian Defence Force Academy treated as “game,” inquiry finds

TweetRegular readers know I’ve been following the story about women cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy for some time now. This April, ADFA became embroiled in scandal when one cadet had consensual sex with another, then filmed and broadcast the encounter to a group of other cadets via Skype without her consent. In the [...]
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Quick hit: Welcome to Australia

TweetThe debate over Australia’s immigration policy is heated, and, at times, utterly horrid. The dehumanizing terms in which politicians now speak about asylum seekers, referring to them as “the boats” – as in, “turn back the boats,” as if those boats don’t have real human beings in them – are profoundly upsetting, and echo the [...]
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Men’s sheds: because blokes have feelings, too

TweetI’m home in Sydney for a few weeks, visiting family and enjoying the crisp early spring after a long, sweaty New York summer. Last week I opened our local paper to find an article about a plan to build and open a men’s shed in my suburb. What is a men’s shed? you’re probably asking [...]
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An unwanted American export: invasive anti-choice tactics

TweetTaking a dick move out of the American anti-choicer playbook, protesters at Australian abortion clinics have started filming women as they enter and leave clinic buildings. Doctors have called on police to intervene, but police can’t intervene because the protesters aren’t breaking the law. Protesters say that the decision to videotape outside clinics isn’t about [...]
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