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Anti-Feminist Mailbag: Less is More Edition

Tweet This just in. Men > Women. Men are simply better at everything. Oh yeah, one last thing: there is no large scale, man-driven absurd conspiracy against women. You’re just stupid. Wake up. -A Man Hey A Man, tell us what you really think! I am not sure if I can ever debunk such a [...]
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Anti-feminist Mailbag: Whoremonger Edition

TweetIt’s been a little while since we shared some of our daily dose of anti-feminist upchuck, so I thought I’d throw a few your way. The first is just an inquiry, really: How goes the victim industry? Expressed lots of seething hatred and rage about males lately? Thanks for asking, pal. The victim industry is [...]
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What antis say about their time spent harassing women outside clinics

TweetI’m no fan of the obsession in journalism with approaching every issue as if there are always binary positions that deserve equal attention. But following my post on stories from clinic escorts I just had to share a couple takes on the same topic from antis. Because their perspectives are just too rich. I try [...]
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Anti-feminist Mailbag: “Please Stop” Edition

Tweet It’s that time, folks! Here’s a gem from someone who just couldn’t understand what us “feminists” want: i don’t get it. what do you ‘feminists’ want? you got your equal rights, you can vote join the army and do everything a man can do. feminism made sense back in 1800 but now it just [...]
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Anti-feminist Mailbag (questions and answers edition)

TweetThis latest email is from an admirer who has all the answers as to why I’m a feminist. He also has some interesting questions. (A question of my own: Why is it that I have yet to meet a misogynist who can write an understandable sentence?) To Jessica, I think your into feminism because your [...]
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