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Rick Santorum’s wife attacked for once dating an abortion doctor

TweetToday in news about a candidate for president that shouldn’t matter but will, Rick Santorum‘s wife is getting slammed in South Carolina flyers for her relationship with an “abortionist.” The flyers say: Did you know Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen, had a six-year affair with an abortionist named Tom Allen?” anti-abortion activist Elizabeth Reichert writes in [...]
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The new anti-marriage equality argument: it would promote “feminist marriage”

TweetLet’s be real: opponents of marriage equality have been known to use some shameful tactics to make their case. They’ve used weak analogies involving water and beer. They’ve subtly and not-so-subtly compared homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia.  They’ve suggested that LGBTQ folks don’t make good parents. They deliberately race-baited during the California Prop 8 debate, [...]
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Katie Roiphe Downplays Sexual Harrassment in the NY Times

TweetShorter Katie Roiphe in this weekend’s New York Times? Sexual harassment = NBD. The casually titled article “In Favor of Dirty Jokes and Risqué Remarks” could almost be mistaken for an etiquette column, until you get to the terrifying and unmistakably political message: shut up with all the sexual harassment claims, mmk? Roiphe has a [...]
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#MenCallMeThings reveals what’s inside everyone’s Anti-Feminist Mailbag

TweetAs I mentioned this past weekend, recently there’s been some renewed discussion about online misogyny. On both sides of the pond, women bloggers have been speaking out about the sexist abuse they endure–often silently and stoically–for, as Jill says, “the crime of Blogging While Female.” While commenters can be dicks all over the internet, it’s [...]
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Crisis Propaganda Centers in the NY Times

TweetToday in the New York Times, Katie Stack writes about her first hand experience with Crisis Pregnancy Centers during her junior year of college. We’ve talked before about how CPCs pretend to be centers where women who are pregnant can come to consider all of their options, but are actually anti-choice fronts. What Katie found [...]
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