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Quick hit: Anti-choicers split on Medicaid expansion

Tweet Anti-choice organizations seem to be split on their support of the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, which expands access to health care for the poorest Americans. Putting aside that abortion care actually is health care (despite the highly unjust restriction on federal funding of abortion care), it seems that the more extreme anti-choice [...]
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Latest Live Action video: Black and white and wrong all over

TweetLive Action, the anti-choice group whose activism method of choice is the selectively-edited video of “sting” operations inside Planned Parenthood, has released their latest missive. We reported last month that this was coming down the pipeline, and now, here it is, in all its shaky, hand-held, black-and-white, ominous and glaringly biased glory. Here’s the thing. [...]
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Yet another study says abortion doesn’t pose a mental health risk

TweetAnti-choice activists, I hope you’re sitting down. It turns out that, contrary to your wishful thinking, having an abortion does not increase the chances a woman* will suffer mental health issues. Of course, some of you anti-choicers won’t be convinced by this evidence because it was done by scientists, which you’ll find sketchy. But just [...]
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Connie Schultz on the Ohio “Heartbeat” bill

TweetLast night on The Rachel Maddow Show, Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Connie Schultz talked about the Ohio “Heartbeat” bill, which would ban abortion as early as 18 days after conception – as soon as the fetus has a heartbeat, and long before most women would realize they were pregnant at all. Schultz, who was present at [...]
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Rep. Chris Smith + Susan B. Anthony List = Totally doing it

TweetEw. Come on, you can’t tell me this weird-ass shout-out Chris Smith makes to the Susan B. Anthony List after H.R. 3 passed the House doesn’t sound a wee enamored. Too bad their love affair over “re-enfranchised” fetuses is bound to get a little rocky once the Senate takes the bill down. (Make sure they [...]
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