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The harsh reality of abortion restrictions in Texas

Tweet In 2013, Texas passed extreme restrictions on abortion to shutter one third of the state’s providers. We’ve written a ton here at Feministing about the inspiring feminist army that rose up to fight these restrictions, about our hero Wendy Davis who will be the next governor of Texas and help change this horrible reality, [...]
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Nebraska Supreme Court won’t let 16-year-old in foster care get an abortion

TweetThis is absolutely heartbreaking. The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday denied an abortion to a 16-year-old in the foster care system. Nebraska has a parental consent law, and judicial bypass is allowed only if there is a medical emergency, abuse or neglect at home, or “clear and convincing evidence that the pregnant woman is both [...]
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Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown on religious freedom and vagina

Tweet (Transcript after the jump.) Yesterday in Michigan, before the Chubby Hubby of anti-choice bills passed the House, Rep. Lisa Brown spoke for the many pro-choice advocates who were silenced in debate. She then offered a very different take on religious freedom from the one we typically hear in US politics. Jewish law requires therapeutic [...]
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Michigan House passes anti-choice super-bill after 20 minutes of debate

TweetIt didn’t take much time or thought for the Michigan House to rubber stamp a beyond extreme anti-choice bill with the not-so-subtle goal of ending abortion in the state. Yesterday evening, after only 20 minutes, the House voted 70 to 39 in favor of the bill. Yeah, those numbers scare me too. This is the [...]
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Michigan advances the Chubby Hubby of anti-choice bills

TweetMichigan Republican State Representative Bruce Rendon has proposed a new “super bill” that would restrict access to abortion in half a dozen different ways, which is why I will henceforth think of it as the Chubby Hubby of anti-choice legislation. Except instead of a whole bunch of delicious things rolled into one yummy ice cream, [...]
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