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Oklahoma Senator wants to make 100% sure we don’t eat aborted fetuses

TweetI think this qualifies as the very definition of a solution in search of a solution. A Republican state senator from Oklahoma City introduced a bill Tuesday that would ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food, despite conceding that he’s unaware of any company using such a practice. Freshman Sen. Ralph Shortey said [...]
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An unwanted American export: invasive anti-choice tactics

TweetTaking a dick move out of the American anti-choicer playbook, protesters at Australian abortion clinics have started filming women as they enter and leave clinic buildings. Doctors have called on police to intervene, but police can’t intervene because the protesters aren’t breaking the law. Protesters say that the decision to videotape outside clinics isn’t about [...]
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Louisiana moves to outlaw abortion entirely

TweetYeah, you read that right. Last Tuesday, the Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee passed, with a 10-2 vote, a bill that would make abortion provision illegal, with exceptions to save the life of the woman, but no exception if the woman was pregnant as the result of rape or incest. HB 645 (formerly known as [...]
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Steven Tyler, Julia Holcomb, and abortion remorse as political fodder

Tweet Anti-choicers are practically drooling over the testimony of Julia Holcomb, Steven Tyler’s ex-girlfriend from her teenage years, who this week is speaking out about her choice to abort after becoming pregnant by Tyler many years ago — and her subsequent remorse and religious awakening. Complete with a near-death experience, her story is as heartbreaking [...]
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FBI file shows history of threats against Dr. Tiller

TweetThe Associated Press has received 287 pages of documents from the FBI file about threats to Dr. Tiller’s life after making a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents are heavily redacted and about half the pages in the file remain secret. But they show a decade of harassment and death threats that led to [...]
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