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Psst, anti-choicers! Your real agenda is showing!

TweetWhat did you do this weekend? Did you attend a rally to protest the Obama administration’s infringement on religious liberty? Probably not. Because even if you did go to Friday’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in Washington, D.C., that’s not what that rally was about. Yes, I know, it has “religious freedom” in the [...]
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Undercover anti-choicers use sex-selective abortion in attempt to discredit Planned Parenthood

TweetIt seems that anti-choice zealot Lila Rose and her team at Live Action may be at it again. You’ll no doubt remember that last year the conservative “sting” operation “uncovered” the horrifying fact that Planned Parenthood provides health information and services to sex trafficking victims. Now a string of similar incidents suggests the focus of [...]
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Quick Hit: Mississippi’s one abortion clinic may be forced into closure

TweetMississippi only has one abortion clinic, in the whole state, and that clinic is now at threat of being shut down with the signing of what reproductive rights activists call a TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers)  law. Under these laws, states come up with bogus regulations for clinics to have to meet or they [...]
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Terror in our midst: Clinic bomber admits he did it “because they’re killing babies there”

TweetThis is what domestic terrorism looks like, folks. Via TPM, the man accused of bombing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin said yesterday that he did it “because they’re killing babies there.” As in, he joined the growing list of extreme anti-choice domestic terrorists who bomb, shoot, and act with intent to kill, sometimes succesffully, in the name of their “pro-life” [...]
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Tennessee bill would expose identities of abortion providers and possibly patients

TweetRemember how anti-choice domestic terrorist group Operation Rescue created an online database of abortion providers across the country, leaving a terrifying opening for anti-choice harassment and violence? Well, it looks like legislators in Tennessee are trying to make the process easier for antis by making it a legal requirement: The latest salvo in the abortion [...]
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