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Rick Perry: Abstinence-only education works…wait nope

TweetTexas Governor Rick Perry has catapulted himself into the top of the Republican presidential field for 2012, which is extremely alarming if you’ve ever listened to Rick Perry speak words. Perry’s ultra conservative views about abstinence-only education are par for the course in the Republican party and Texas in particular, but to hear him explain [...]
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Most American women don’t trust Palin.

TweetYes, most women have brains and can figure things out, like policy that will ruin their lives. A new poll shows us that most voting women trust Planned Parenthood, over Sarah Palin along with disagreeing with her on abstinence-only education. via Politico. The survey, conducted for Planned Parenthood by Democratic pollster Hart Research Associates, found [...]
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Twilight, tweens, and abstinence

TweetSo you might have noticed the latest installment in the Twilight film series came out a couple weeks ago. A lot has been written about the anti-feminist messages of the Twilight books and films. Stephanie Meyer wrote a very thinly disguised book about Mormon dating from a fundamentalist pro-abstinence perspective. Her books normalize gendered violence, [...]
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Nearly half of U.S. pregnancies are unintended

TweetDid you know that 49% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended? I sure didn’t. Thankfully, people like Krystale Littlejohn and Professor Paula England of Stanford University’s Sociology Department – are looking into how we can change that statistic: With studies indicating that lower-educated women and women in their 20s account for more than half [...]
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Abstinence-only pusher Rep. Mark Souder caught in affair with staffer

TweetThis is just too perfect. After years of pushing abstinence-only education in the name of family values and the “sanctity” of marriage, Indiana congressman Mark Souder (R) has announced his resignation after an affair with his staffer, Tracy Jackson, has come to light. What’s truly amazing about this is that Souder and Jackson actually recorded [...]
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