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Running out of ideas, Congressman suggests abortion restrictions as job creation

TweetRemember HR7, that awful bill that would restrict federal insurance coverage of abortion and add sundry fun new restrictions on abortion coverage in DC and nationwide? Well, nobody knew this before, but it turns out it is also a job growth bill! Let Congressman Bob Goodlatte, creative outside-the-box thinker and Republican representative for Virginia’s 5th [...]
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House of Representatives hears bill that would codify the Hyde Amendment

Tweet Oh House of Representatives, when are you ever up to any good? This morning, there was a hearing for HR7, a bill that would prohibit federal insurance coverage of abortion. Now you may know, as it stands today, federal funds are already not allowed to be used to pay for abortion services. So what’s [...]
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Mind the gap: September is Abortion Access Month

TweetThis post has been co-written by Eesha Pandit and Verónica Bayetti Flores. What does it really take to get an abortion in America? September is Abortion Access Month, and an important time to think about this question. As it turns out, it takes quite a bit to get an abortion in this country, and as [...]
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Life-threatening “Protect Life Act” back to a House vote on Friday

TweetAh, the GOP and their priorities. Remember the heinous anti-choice bill last year that would allow doctors to deny lifesaving care if that person needed an abortion? Looks like it’s back for a House vote on Friday. The bill would also ban abortion coverage in state health insurance exchanges: After months of focusing on economic [...]
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