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Don’t miss Feministing’s VP debate coverage!

TweetBoy, I sure had fun livetweeting the debate last week. I know lots of people thought it was a boring debate – my mom, who fell asleep five minutes in, certainly did – but I had a great time. Tonight at 9pm ET, Biden and Paul will suit up, get in the ring, and pretend [...]
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93% economic recovery gains went to the top 1%. 1% still gives Obama shade.

TweetSuper rich feel victimized by the Obama Administration, Chrystia Freeland writes: Evident throughout the letter is a sense of victimization prevalent among so many of America’s wealthiest people. In an extreme version of this, the rich feel that they have become the new, vilified underclass. T. J. Rodgers, a libertarian and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, [...]
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So, when is Sandra Fluke running for office?

Tweet Reproductive justice advocate Sandra Fluke spoke at the DNC last night and she was pretty impressive. She told the audience that what happened to her earlier this year – being shut out of a hearing on birth control provision exemptions for the health insurance plans provided by religious institutions – was just one more [...]
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A thank you note for Todd Akin

TweetI’m a pretty even-keeled kind of gal. I don’t lose my temper that easily. I’ll get irritated, sure, and sometimes that irritation will get vented, a little bit at a time, in the form of passive aggression. But I’m not one for big blow ups. I can’t remember the last time I raised my voice [...]
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Anti-Romney, pro-LGBT campaign warns: Mitt gets worse

TweetLGBT activists have started a new campaign warning voters about Mitt Romney’s record on LGBT issues when he was Governor of Massachusetts. In a neat play on “it gets better,” Mitt Gets Worse is drawing attention to just how much the LGBT community and the cause of LGBT equality stand to lose from a Romney [...]
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