Some truths about female desire

Another truth about female desire: It’s oaky, mossy, and barrel-aged.

It’s half-poodle, half-labrador and 100% lovable.

It’s Joyce meets Six Flags meets crochet.

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Quote of the Day: Dartmouth still doesn’t understand sexual violence


High-risk alcohol use and sexual assault are issues that face educational institutions nationwide. Here at Dartmouth, President Hanlon has charged our community to work together to end high-risk and harmful behavior on campus.

–Dartmouth email to parents of incoming freshmen

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The man who killed Mike Brown is named Darren Wilson

Ferguson PO

This morning Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson finally named the officer who shot and killed the unarmed Mike Brown: Darren Wilson. Wilson had been with the force for six years and had no disciplinary record — whatever that means when the people judging your behavior also think it’s fine to respond to protests with tear gas, rubber bullets, and dogs.

In a move as infuriating as it was unsurprising, Jackson tried to cast aspersions on the 18-year-old victim’s character with a convoluted and seemingly unrelated story about a “strongarm robbery” that occurred around the same time. The victim-blaming tactic is cruel and dishonest; it’s clear the Chief sees police brutality as a PR problem to be spun away, rather than a crisis of justice. This goes without saying, but despite Jackon’s attempts to subtly link the two events, there isn’t any reason to think Brown was involved in the robbery — but even if he were, execution isn’t the punishment for stealing.

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at, student at Yale Law School, and co-director of Know Your IX. 

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Why police violence is an issue of reproductive justice.

“It’s an uprising. It’s a rebellion. It’s a community saying We can’t take this anymore. We won’t take it

The United States of America is not for black people.

Study suggests that the decriminalization of sex work could reduce HIV infections by 33 to 46 percent over the next decade.

Keli Byers, a sophomore at Brigham Young University, is speaking out against the school’s chastity code.

More dads want paternity leave, but getting it is still rare.

Classified as neither workers nor students, many graduate students have inadequate protections against sexual violence.

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An Interview with #NMOS14′s Feminista Jones

#NMOS14 from D. A. Krolak

#NMOS14 from D. A. Krolak

In response to Mike Brown’s murder and continued police brutality in Ferguson, the latest example of national state violence, organizers across the country will be coming together today at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST for a silent vigil. The National Moment of Silence 2014 (or as you’ll see on Twitter, #NMOS14) will honor the innocent lives lost and pay respect to those whose lives have been affected by police brutality.

Spearheaded by activist and writer @FeministaJones, folks have stepped up in their local communities have organized the National Moment of Silence 2014 in just under three days. Demonstrating once again how digital organizing can create amazing results on the ground, #NMOS14 will bring folks together to reflect, empower, and create connections that will spark further activism and action. You can find information about events will be happening in your community here.

We spoke today with Feminista Jones to learn more about #NMOS14, how the police state harms communities across the country, and how folks can get involved.

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