The Feministing Five: Dr. Telle Whitney

Dr. Telle Whitney

Dr. Telle Whitney

If you happen to be in Phoenix, Arizona in early October, and you see many women engineers, programmers, or students talking about their latest creations, you can thank Dr. Telle Whitney, President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute. Founded in 1987 as a digital community for women in computing, the Anita Borg Institute supports women technologists in over 50 companies. One of its keystone events is the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Community which will be held this year from October 8th to 10th.

Sexism in large corporations as well as small start ups has faced understandable scrutiny about their company culture as well as their hiring practices. We were thrilled to speak with Dr. Whitney to learn more about how the Anita Borg Institute continues to push for more inclusion within this industry.

Now without further ado, the Feministing Five with Dr. Telle Whitney!

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Teaching about Ferguson.

Chloe asks: Where are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s women guests?

College guys are worried caring about rape will ruin their sex lives.

Backlash Book Club on the GOP.

Want to join the Know Your IX team?


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Who on the Hill is making transphobic Wikipedia edits?

The internet can do some cool things. For example: @CongressEdits automatically posts every time someone using a Capitol Hill IP addresses changes an entry. On the 18th, the bot posted about two changes to trans-related pages by someone on a House computer:

Unsurprisingly (unless you have a hell of a lot of misplaced faith in Congress), the edits were hateful. Read More »

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Photo of the Day: What kind of guy thinks rape is like bike theft?

Yesterday’s Quote of the Day was a priceless gem from a Stanford student who told Bloomberg that women need to protect themselves from rape by staying sober, etc., just like people should lock up your bikes. You know. Because that’s an accurate analogy.

So who is the type of person who thinks women should find a U-lock for their bodies?

My friend Marybeth Seitz-Brown, a Students Active for Ending Rape board member, thought she’d Google the guy. And here’s what she found (Screenshot of the Day?) from his Stanford Daily writer profile: Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

“After hundreds of years of proving the humanity of black people, all non-black people should have a template to make sense of our annihilation for themselves.”

A St. Louis area policeman is caught on Twitter calling Ferguson protesters thugs, lying about gun violence, excusing Brown’s death, and saying he wants to punch AG Holder

Nearly one million Texas women of childbearing age now live more than 150 miles from a licensed abortion clinic.

Ugh. Marvel releases “sexy” new Spider-Woman cover.

Mills College changes their admissions policy to not longer exclude trans women.

Here’s a helpful guide to what you should and shouldn’t do if you see a woman being harassed on Twitter.

2,000 people marched in Dublin to protest Ireland’s abortion laws.

Laverne Cox is not actually the first openly transgender person ever to get nominated for an Emmy Award.

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