Feministing Follow Friday: SAAM, Vol. II

Twitter, Feministing style

Last week we kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with five great organizations and collectives working to stop sexual violence — and documenting that work on Twitter. This week we’re back with more recommendations for groups and individuals fighting the good SAAM fight: Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet


Infographic explains how the war on drugs hurts Mexican women.

A new study reveals that girls tend to view sexual harassment and violence as normal.

Moms advocating for stricter gun laws in Texas are being met with misogynists attacks and threats.

5 maps breaking down the depressing state of sex education requirements around the country.

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Photo of the Day: “Stop telling women to smile”

Stop telling women to smile poster before and after being defaced

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s “Stop Telling Women to Smile” poster in the Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta was almost immediately defaced with a smile and the words “Force It.”

This weekend when I was running in my neighborhood in Atlanta, I was excited to come across one of artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh‘s “Stop Telling Women to Smile” posters freshly plastered on the side of the Krog Street Tunnel. Fazlalizadeh’s anti-street harassment public art project, which we’ve covered before, started in Brooklyn, has spread to several major American cities, and just yesterday graced the pages of The New York Times.

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The intellectual defense of sexual harassment (Hint: there isn’t one)

Stop-Sexual-HarassmentI read a piece in The Guardian yesterday that said sexual harassment is bad but sometimes it’s not actually sexual harassment just sexual liberation being misinterpreted. I didn’t know that this needed to be said, but apparently it does: there is no intellectual argument to be made in the defense of sexual harassment.

Really. Try as you might, mostly cisgender heterosexual men, but the bottom line is you can’t theorize your way into a world where harassment of any kind is acceptable. Oh, and you will try. I know. Because the more pushback there is to the daily occurrences of street/sexual harassment, the more (y)our privilege becomes threatened, and the more that frightens many of us.

Most often, the defense wades into the territory of human attraction, a field most of us seek to understand but are hopelessly lost in when seeking answers. The thinking goes that what is “perceived” as harassment is actually flirtation. The objectification and sexualization of women’s bodies is an attempt at mating. These can be clumsy attempts, sure, but that’s only because our attraction overrides any sense of boundaries or social grace. We are beholden to lust.  Read More »

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What about the fatties? Feminist ramblings on @PostBigFines

A woman featured on @PostBigFines.

As a card-carrying member of Black Twitter and a self-identified (and sometimes non-consensually labeled) fat girl, I have a love/hate relationship with @PostBigFines. This Twitter account — originally named @PostBigBitches — follows the trend of admiration sites like @PostBadBitches, @PostBadTatts, and my personal favorite @PostBadBeards (swoons). As mentioned in their bio, PostBigFines is a place to admire women of “all levels of thickness.”

For Black Twitter, PostBigFines (PBF) is sort of a direct response to PostBadBitches, which has set the standard for which women are “bad” and those who aren’t. Many of the women on PBB are light-skinned women of color, adorned in contrasting Louboutins and/or Forever 21 dresses, and definitely under a size 10. PBF is where curvy and full-figured women — most of them also women of color — are spotlighted as beautiful and attractive. My complex relationship with the site comes from a few concerns: about how we use social media as a space to openly critique bodies; how we are defining attractiveness for feminine-identified bodies; and — the question that is forever on my mind — what about the fatties?  Read More »

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