Fuck Everything Friday

This edition of the Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet has been renamed Fuck Everything Friday. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become a regular thing…


Fuck capitalism.

Fuck the fact that undocumented immigrants are now allowed to kill and die for the US, but still afforded no basic civil and human rights.

Fuck this Uber driver who gropped a female passanger and explained that she was “asking for that” because she was wearing a low-cut shirt.

Fuck Boko Haram.

Just…fuck. “I was too poor to have a baby, and too poor to have an abortion.”

Fuck the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office for arguing that a former state prison clerk who was raped by an inmate was to blame for her own assault.

Fuck the NYPD.

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Photo of the Day: “Women: Like men, only cheaper.”


This “Women: Like men, only cheaper” image should look familiar–we’ve sarcastically used to “celebrate” Equal Pay Day in the past. But an Australian tech executive was all-too-serious when he included it as a slide during his talk at a tech conference recently. Evan Thornleye explained how “forward-thinking” people such as himself can take advantage of the wage gap by hiring qualified women “for relatively cheap.”  Read More »

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Feminism shouldn’t make men comfortable

men_feminist_mainEmma Watson’s speech on gender equality at the UN got a lot of attention, and that’s great. The more that hop the feminism train and use their platforms to spread the message, the merrier. But there’s a tiny little thing I’d like to disagree with her about.

The thrust of the speech is about getting men on board with the mission of gender equality. Watson said: “How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation? Men—I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too.” That last part is true. In fact, I’d say gender equality is largely an issue for men, as men are on the receiving end of gender privilege and it’s therefore their job to interrogate and dismantles the systems that afford them those privileges. Which is why I have such a tough time getting with the first part of Watson’s statement. Read More »

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How Bring It! is changing our perception of Black girls and performance

With another season of Lifetime’s show Bring It! behind us, I can’t help but reflect on all the ways in which the show adds nuance to media portrayal of Black girls. The fairly new reality show follows the competition season of a black majorette/dance team — the Dancing Dolls from Jackson, Mississippi. An alternative to the popular show Dance Moms, which focuses on the early careers of individual dancers and the moms who push them, Bring It! highlights the commitment that Black girls have made to dance as a hobby (and in some cases as a career) via the Dancing Dolls. The stories of the dancers, the coach Ms. Diana, and select parents come together to change how we understand and receive Black girls in the the media.  Read More »

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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Contraception

Happy World Contraception Day! While I think we could use some better contraceptive options, there’s no question that we’re living in a golden age for birth control. Just take a look at this video from EngenderHealth on history’s worst contraceptives.

Read More »

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