Correction: Sex tapes don’t “work” for working and middle class women

The release of a sex tape featuring Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast members Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith earlier this week has had the internet (mainly Black Twitter) abuzz. Per usual, everyone has an opinion on what appears to be a cliché publicity stunt.

One take from the blogosphere caught my eye though. In a post on Clutch Magazine with the bold headline “Dear Mimi: Sex Tapes Don’t Work for Black Women,” writer Britni Danielle argues that:

“Although it seems counterintuitive, sex tapes can have a huge upside for marginal celebrities, like Mimi and Niko, catapulting them into the mainstream and introducing them to a whole new audience. But there’s just one problem for Mimi: sex tapes don’t work for Black women.

While several White women—Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton–have leveraged their “leaked” tapes in a slew of opportunities from clothing lines and magazine covers to TV shows and endorsement deals, Black women who’ve pulled similar stunts have not faired nearly as well.”

Danielle compares the success and experience of these women to several black women who have been involved in similar incidents. During the 1980′s, former sports broadcaster Jayne Kennedy was involved in the first celebrity sex tape scandal after a VHS of her and then husband was stolen from their home. In 2002, rapper Eve enlisted the help of the FBI to track down the person who released a sexual video of her and then boyfriend Stevie J and was blackmailing her. Montana Fishburne made a decision to work in porn (which isn’t the same thing as a sex tape) and regretted it.  Read More »

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Feministing at 10: Re-designing the field of design

women in architecture

Click here for full infographic.

Ed. note: In celebration of Feministing’s 10-year anniversary, current and former members of the Feministing crew will be offering their reflections on the changes of the last decade. First up is this take on women in design by editor emeritus Courtney Martin.

Ten years ago, I didn’t even know what design was, truth be told. If anything, I associated it with graphic design or web design and mostly only noticed either when they were egregiously bad (see almost every “woman’s organization” logo of a leaping, shapely female figure.)

Turns out, there’s a reason I didn’t know about design back then…if you look at the top line statistics on the field of architecture and design, they tell a decidedly un-feminist story. Only 21% of architectural staff are women, and that number has actually fallen in the last few years. For a breakdown, check out Megan Jett’s awesome infographic, here. When it comes to racial diversity, design is failing miserably, too. Barely a few percent are persons of color, and there are all of 300 African-American women architects in the entire country. There aren’t even statistics on socio-economic background, ability, etc.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Good news: Today a judge struck down North Dakota’s 6-week abortion ban, the most restrictive abortion law in the country.

The Maya Rudolph Show” is coming to NBC on May 19, and it looks awesome.

Amanda Hess on the new trend of “feminist” self-help books that teach ambitious women how to be overconfident blowhards — just like men!

The New Yorker profiles playwright Annie Baker.

A new report on sexual violence in Egypt since the 2011 uprising.

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Photo of the Day: The WSJ’s all-dude tech conference

“This October, The Wall Street Journal’s senior editors will host the inaugural WSJDLive, a vibrant, international technology conference that brings together select global CEOs, leading thinkers and sought-after entrepreneurs – both established and emerging – to explore the most compelling tech opportunities around the world.”

And they will all be dudes

WSJD Live conference all male speakers

Read More »

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