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  • z commented on the blog post Student cut from high school football team for wearing pink cleats   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Yeah, it took me a few different articles to get the whole picture. Based on looking at several different articles, there was no rule about shoe color and the boy had worn different colored cleats before without incident. He did wear them to a game and was made fun of by the coach (though never [...]

  • As long as we’re talking about two consenting individuals, what makes this comparison offensive?

  • z wrote a new blog post: Stay at Home Mom Salary   4 years, 5 months ago · View

    Market watch just released a statement saying that the average stay at home mom would (if paid for her labors) receive a salary of $117856 per year and that working moms would earn an additional $71860.  How do we as a culture value or undervalue the work that mom’s do? These numbers certainly imply that moms [...]

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