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    Ops. Accidently hit the ‘report’ button when I was going for ‘reply’. Sorry moderator.

    Matt – I just took the time to read your response properly, and love it. They’re great guidelines which I would certainly benefit from following more closely. Thanks.

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    I can definitely relate to your experience! For the record, I’m religious and I do NOT agree with your Christian friend (I also have a pretty big vendetta against my church). Similarly, when I reported to a female jewish friend of mine, the conservative views of a male jewish colleague, she was horrified and insisted [...]

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    1. How many tattoos or piercings do you have? Two piercings 2. Where are they located? Are they easy to hide? One in each ear. They don’t stand out. 3. What is their content? Right now? Some plain studs. 4. Why did you get them? Because all the girls had theirs pierced when they were [...]

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