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  • Hi John– I attended, and can attest that there were definitely a fair amount of men present. As a male I felt included by the march’s goals and the content– I did not feel blamed, but rather welcomed.

  • Thanks for reporting on this. I was in attendance, and definitely moved by the personal testimony, and the linking of rape culture with locations in downtown Boston. It felt like an important outlet for people who need to express and send this message… at the same time, I agree with you that the march (which [...]

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    I like this thought experiment, but I keep getting mired in cynicism. I keep thinking of the saying that “Political orientation is genetic,” and so it seems like giving kids the vote would just empower their parents more. UNLESS giving kids the vote would also lead to more civic engagement, and more ways for kids [...]

  • Thanks so much for this post. I was pleased by how Biden handled the question, simply because he pushed back on the blatantly theocratic Ryan’s answer. But Raddatz framing of the question concerns and annoys me as a nonbeliever. The political discourse on values in this country consistently excludes atheists, as if values could only [...]

  • Matthew commented on the blog post Unconventional sex ed lessons from 50 Shades of Grey   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    Thank you for this post! While I have not read the book, I do see it EVERYWHERE, and for the most part have been told that it’s poorly written erotica. So, as a lover of books and as a sexuality educator, it is really heartening to hear that 50 Shades is spreading positive, healthy messages [...]

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