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    I value friendship highly. And I must be fortunate, because I have close female friends who also value friendship highly. I find this to be so among my straight women friends and my gay women friends. I even write songs about these wonderful friendships!

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    You had me until this: “Firstly, the male gaze is a product of capitalism.” Not a product of heterosexual maleness, from biology or conditioning or both? Not a product of hormones raging? I would be interested to see the reasoning behind your assertion, which perhaps needs a whole separate article to support it. Until then, [...]

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    I posted The madness of men in my blog. Like a lot of blog posts, it’s a fairly visceral reaction, written soon after having viewed the episode. I forgot to mention how great it was to see that Peggy really does still “have it,” as in how she improvises her way into saving the Chivas ad. [...]

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    I agree that the “fat Betty” storyline is boring. But just like Roger’s anti-Semitism, is not her (and others’) reaction to her gaining some weight also appropriate to the era? Do we really expect someone like former-model Betty not to care? Especially when at least part of her wishes she were still living Manhattan glamour [...]

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    The writers had to deal with January Jones being pregnant. I supposed they could have showed more imagination. I do not want any fat jokes, but I suppose this is a fairly realistic scenario for the times — bored housewife taking solace in eating but wants diet pills. There’s potential. Just have to see how [...]

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    I’m particularly distressed that they wrote “a nationwide phenomena.” Didn’t they learn about Latin plurals? Maybe they were too distracted in school having impure thoughts. Or maybe they just can’t spell at all, since their organization is called “Liberty Counsel” . I wonder if they have other videos? I’m a little disturbed that the girl [...]

  • A vibrator or any sex toy is perfectly normal. Its presence in luggage should be no more remarkable than the presence of a drum pad (good for hotel practising) or a really nice pair of heels. So even if the TSA agent intended to be funny, and even the owner of the suitcase got a [...]

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    Argh! You’re right. Grovelling apology to the Star. Of course it was the Toronto Sun.

    And I didn’t mean to click “report.” I meant to click “reply.” Sorry again!

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    I fail to see how the “bathroom bill meme” has anything to do with potential passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • That’s quite a list! I hope there are several things on that list that would prevent Bachmann from ever having any mainstream appeal, or at least enough to be elected president. Please.

    BTW, unless Ann is more than one male person, she is a Feministing alumna. :)

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    Many have focused on race, painting a picture of people of color as violent or racist themselves, instead of recognizing this as obviously an incident of transmisogyny. I don’t think anything is obvious about this incident other than that a young woman was attacked and beaten by two younger females. The Baltimore Sun story that I read [...]

  • Since I wasn’t there, all I have to go on is 44 seconds of video, most of which is aftermath. What I see there is that the singer did not jump off the stage. He took a swing (I assume at the woman in the crowd) from the stage. He took a very ineffectual swing at [...]

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    I’m sorry you had to go through that. But you wrote about it so eloquently and with such humanity that I have to think that at least one good thing came out of it.

  • Keep in mind that a federal district court already ruled Section 3 unconstitutional. This pronouncement simply agrees with that ruling and, I presume, discontinues the appeal that was launched in October of last year.

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    Not better, Deanna. Show me where I used the word “better.” Just what I like, me personally. I don’t dislike light skin. I just do like darker skin. My taste is quite catholic. My skin tone isn’t going to change, and I’m fine with that.

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