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    Thank you. I can really relate to this right now as I am also currently heavier than I have been in the past. As a committed feminist I try and try to instill healthy and body positive messages in myself and others, but the notion that I still should be skinnier just won’t go away. [...]

  • I don’t find the comparison of outing men hiring prostitutes to outing two men having sex offensive at all (but then I don’t see hiring a prostitute as a morally wrong act in itself). Both are examples of sexual practices that are shunned by mainstream culture, which is what causes them to be seen as [...]

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    As you may have noticed, Feministing was down for a couple of days this week due to longstanding tech problems that we’re continuing to resolve — hopefully things will be fixed for good very soon. In the meantime, we missed a ton of big news happening this week, so let’s play catch-up: You MUST watch [...]

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