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  • We gotta culture-jam this mofo!

  • tyra commented on the blog post Who Are the 1%? You Tell Us.   2 years, 11 months ago · View

    Excuse me, but if you live in North AQmerican society that has access to clean drinking water and sanitation….THEN YOU ARE THE 1%. I understand that some groups in society don’t have access to these basic rights (for example Canada’s First Nations’ communities, particularly up North) but if you’re an average North American, even a [...]

  • tyra commented on the blog post Mother’s to serve prison sentence at home   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    I just don’t have faith that men who get to go serve their time in the home because they are father’s are going to actually father any more than they already were. Women on the other hands, who most likely had a larger role in parenting would be more likely to actually parent…I just see [...]

  • tyra commented on the blog post A simple goodbye to a far-from-simple man   3 years, 2 months ago · View

    We will miss you so much Jack.

  • tyra posted an update:   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    Up here in Canada things are quite different regarding this debate…but why can’t we just say, ”you know what, if you wanna think that a ball of cells is a person, fuck it, let’s kill babies. I’m all for unborn baby killing.” Why are we so afraid of the rhetoric?

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