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  • “The story owns its Japanese setting but, unsurprisingly, eschews the accumulated detritus of stereotypes and Orientalist clichés about the country…” Just in case people aren’t aware/are curious (since this isn’t mentioned explicitly in the article), the book is actually a Japanese book; written in 1997 and translated to English in 2003/2005. I looked this up [...]

  • I’m on board with the basic idea here, but there’s one crucial reason I very much oppose requiring women to register for the draft *now*: the military is a much more dangerous place for women than it is for men, because of sexual assault. I’m not very well versed in military issues, so I can’t [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post A note on thin privilege: Alexa Chung is not your friend   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    First, let me say that I agree with the following: a thin person is not an ally to non-thin people if they go around claiming (or even cluelessly insinuating) that body-policing hurts them just as much as anyone else, and therefore they understand your struggle! And that thin privilege is a thing, and that body [...]

  • That is definitely creepy and presumptuous. My first instinct is to want to defend the cosplay burlesque scene in general, but I don’t think I actually need to here. Most of the burlesque troupes I’ve had any exposure to (always second-hand, granted) seem to be healthy places of exploring “sexy.” But, it is very true [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Trying to start a feminist club   2 years ago · View

    Agreed with “screw that guy.” I’d say definitely try to partner up with that feminist teacher. Before trying to start the club “underground”, though, see if you can get feminist teacher’s help to research the school’s exact club policies and chain of command. Going over that asshole’s head sounds like a fabulous idea, but whether [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Is it really so bad?   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    (p.s. I also agree with the commenter above, that your reaction to the situation was pretty cool, so probably your date’s harshness is more of a commentary on her state of mind than your exact behavior.)

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Is it really so bad?   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    No, you’re not a “bad guy”. But I can certainly see her point of view – even if “chivalrous” gestures are meant well, they usually make me uncomfortable. It’s like I’m being told that my gender is more important than any other fact about me as an individual. (This is when it’s obvious that a [...]

  • Oh dear. “The harder a guy has to work to get in your pants, the better he will treat the girl wearing them.”???? Some limited (second-hand) personal experience talking here, but I suspect “The harder a guy has to work to get in your pants, the more he thinks you owe him once he’s there.” [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post A Hypocrite for Wanting Babies?   3 years ago · View

    As a feminist, I think you just have a unique perspective on how unfair it is that people will get so hyped up over your “change of heart.” The people telling you “oh, just wait, you’ll understand once you meet the right guy” WERE being smug and condescending, and no amount of being “right” about [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Attention cheating men: Nature didn’t cause your infidelity   3 years, 2 months ago · View

    And how. I can completely sympathize with men (or women, of course) who cheat, because honestly, I’ve been there. I’ve been the cheater, and I’ve been the “other woman,” and in each case, I’ve fallen down on my “scruples” because of a heady combination of lust, flattery, and genuine human attraction. So I can sympathize [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Bring Back Birth!   3 years, 2 months ago · View

    (Er, just to be clear, I completely agree about all the specific complaints about the “medical establishment,” and think discussing them and fixing them is very important. It was just the one line of rhetoric I winced at a bit, because it sounded like leaning towards the “c-sections should be at ZERO, don’t even bother [...]

  • Melanie commented on the blog post Bring Back Birth!   3 years, 2 months ago · View

    I love the point that being “pro-choice” should not end at abortion! Just because a woman is (a) only days away from delivery, and (b) not in any particular danger from her pregnancy, should NOT mean that we simply nod our heads and say “okay, we agree that she shouldn’t be allowed to get an [...]

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