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  • Tom wrote a new blog post: Katniss Everdeen: The Good Kind of Poor Person   2 years, 7 months ago · View

    The Hunger Games is a great book, and its exploration of the impact of class, wealth, and status on the world, both socially and politically, is remarkably complex and mature for a work that targets a young adult audience. The ways in which the government dominates and subjugates the districts while placating the citizens of the [...]

  • It’s that time of year again, when critics release their list of the 10 best films of the year. Some critics have fairly commercial lists filled with big blockbusters and Oscar players, while others tend to the more obscure, picking foreign films, documentaries, and other independent films that audiences outside of New York and Los Angeles [...]

  • Tom wrote a new blog post: Made in Dagenham: A Feminist Review   3 years, 8 months ago · View

    I’ll admit that I didn’t have terribly high expectations going into Made in Dagenham . The reviews had been positive but not glowing, but the complete lack of marketing for the film meant that it was barely on my radar, having accumulated no buzz whatsoever. The trailer also gave it a bit of a “Lifetime Movie” feel (a [...]

  • The two most important aspects of screenwriting have always been story and character. Obviously you need a great story, one that not only grabs the audience’s attention but is able to keep that attention. To have a believable, moving story arc that is not cliché and predictable. But just as important as the story is [...]

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