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"I can’t help but be angry with the Trayvon outcome… Livid indeed," · View
  • I took her comment regarding white women as a problem to mean that they make us look bad. They undo all the morals we strive for. They make it look like white women are complicit. It becomes our problem because on the media nad in the public eye they seem to speak for all of [...]

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    I can’t help but be angry with the Trayvon outcome… Livid indeed,

  • Tiffany commented on the blog post BREAKING: Military lifts ban on women serving in combat   1 year, 6 months ago · View

    Very well put Matt. This is definetely a confusion of srtiving for equality. As a weapon of patriarchy (war), requiring women to be drafted is not my idea of equality. It’s further indoctrination into a hegemonic system that finds all involved disposable at the hands of violence and obsession with control. No one should have [...]

  • As a radical feminist and a gun owner ( A rare combo indeed) I support stricter gun laws. You are so right to call bullshit on the conservative vitriol and Faux-Feminism speaking for women. I’m certainly not going to defend myself with an AR-15. No way. I will however if necessary use my handgun quite [...]

  • Tiffany commented on the blog post Halloween open thread: did you go as a sexy _____?   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    I chose to go a little on the sexy side but was mostly covered. I was a female assasin from the movie Sucker Punch. I added stockings under my shorts and a purple bob wig. Some jewels and fake eyelashes leadto less eye makeup. I loved it! Playing with other identities is awesome and allows [...]

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    I agree with the idea that we and society should be analyzing the sources of male violence and its prevalence. I wish for the day to come soon rather than defaulting to stricter gun laws. As a young woman who is very familiar with the numbers, especially the violence on women, I own and enjoy [...]

  • Tiffany commented on the blog post Bad-ass of the Day: Outing crisis pregnancy centers   2 years ago · View

    This is bad-ass. My only concern is, can this come back or be bad for planned parenthood? I’m in but wondered….

  • Tiffany commented on the blog post Win a copy of So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman   2 years, 4 months ago · View

    I love the entire Wrinkle in Time series! I was surprised and excited when I saw your post. Meg totally saved the day. She was a shero!

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    It is very hard to live everyday in world I feel like I don’t belong in. I’m surrounded by people wh o are smart but settle for status quo!

  • Tiffany commented on the blog post Beyonce’s “Run the World” (Not So Much)   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    Well said. Well Said

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    It’s not hard for me to sift through the b/s. So why is it so unclear to others?

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