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  • Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry Title IX has given us plenty to cheer about this year.  Enacted in 1972 as an amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965, Title IX mandates that educational institutions and activities receiving federal funding may not discriminate on the basis of sex.  The amendment is most well known for its impact on women’s sports.  [...]

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    Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry You’ve probably heard about hydraulic fracturing (commonly called “fracking”), the process of extracting of natural gas from underground shale by blasting the bedrock with a highly pressurized mixture of chemicals and water known as fracking fluid.  This blast of fracking fluid, the components of which are a highly guarded trade secret, causes [...]

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    I appreciate all the hard work you folks are doing to get all the posts up! Does this mean that if we don’t see our posts by the end of Sunday that we did something wrong in posting? I ask only out of excitement and hope, since mine have not made it up…

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