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"Why is nobody commenting on how this commercial, in addition to being racist, is minimizing sexual assault?" · View
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    Why is nobody commenting on how this commercial, in addition to being racist, is minimizing sexual assault?

  • Feminists familiar with the intersectionality of oppressive -isms probably know about Mikki Kendall, a.k.a. Karnythia. She blogs over at The Angry Black Woman, and Feministing linked to her blog discussing how feminists aren’t immune from engaging in -isms during the 2008 election. But there’s a new reason her name should be recognizable to all of us. [...]

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    Actually, the Kansas school in question didn’t open their doors until 1997, which means that the issue has been on the books for 13 years.

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    Oh, that’s incredibly difficult, and sad to read. I’m 36 weeks along, and the idea of having her come out at this point is terrifying enough. I can’t imagine what Jessica must be facing. I’ll keep both her and little Layla in my prayers. Whether 29 weeks or 40, I have no doubt we’re already [...]

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    The continued gender policing of our country is par for the course, but there seems to be something especially deplorable in how the media has zoned in on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Angelina. I’ll address the underlying rhetoric of gender policing further into this comment, but has anyone else noticed that the same sources up in [...]

  • No, I didn’t watch the video. I trust Jessica’s interpretation that the video talks about why PASS doesn’t exist. It was that assertion I was responding to. “She makes it very clear that women certainly can have adverse psychological symptoms after an abortion, but that it is not widespread enough to make it into a [...]

  • The real issue, when it comes down to the pro-choice versus anti-choice side, is the skewing of numbers. Pro-choice advocates would like to insist women who have negative reactions are rare, and those that do have them, have them as the result of slut-shaming and tactics designed to inspire irrevocable guilt. Anti-choice advocates would like [...]

  • “Make sure to check out the vids we have up at the Video blog: a piece on racial profiling and a great spot on why post-abortion syndrome doesn’t exist.” Except that, for countless women here and abroad, post-abortion syndrome doesn’t exist. I understand why, as Feminists, we do everything possible to remove the emotion from [...]

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    I made the mistake of posting the most recent Feministing article about Twilight on my Facebook. I characterize it as a mistake not because I think Twilight is an amazing franchise above criticism, but because I earnestly believed folks would be interested in what Jos had to say, and her criticism of the series. I was wrong. In [...]

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