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  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Samantha Geimer   7 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail Samantha Geimer, from The Guardian “Mostly, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.” So writes Samantha Geimer to the Steubenville “Jane Doe” in the concluding pages of her book,  The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski . Geimer continues, “As this fades away to a memory of longer and longer ago, [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Riva Lehrer   7 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Thumbnail Riva Lehrer, SAIC potrait Infusing her paintings with powerful activism, Riva Lehrer has explored such themes on the body, disability, and identity for over 20 years. She was born with spina bifida and has used her artwork to identify critical questions about bodies, creativity, and perspective. Her art has been featured in galleries and museums across [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Suey Park   8 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Courtesy of Suey Park Exemplifying the power and positive potential behind social media, last week’s #NotYourAsianSidekick Twitter conversation offered a fantastic opportunity for the Internet to discuss stereotypes and political challenges facing Asian-American-Pacific-Islanders (or AAPI). Originated by Suey Park , a freelance writer and organizer, #NotYourAsianSidekick quickly trended on Twitter and its energy immediately flowed over to the [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Senator Gretchen Whitmer   8 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail Provided by Gretchen Whitmer In the latest episode of Are-You-Effing-Kidding-Me-Michigan, the state legislature has banned private health insurance plans from covering abortions unless a person has preemptively purchased separate abortion coverage. What takes the “No But Actually” cake is the fact that this law, which was just passed on Wednesday, applies to rape and incest. [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Sunny Clifford   8 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailIf you haven’t seen “Young Lakota, ” the documentary that explores the intersection of reproductive justice and indigenous rights through the perspective of then 21-year-old Sunny Clifford and her community at the Pine Ridge Reservation, stop what you’re doing and see where it’s playing near you. (I’m serious. Search right now. This week’s Feministing Five can wait…Perfect, glad you’re [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: The LatiNegr@s Project   9 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Bianca Laureano Intersecting the archival with the digital, The LatiNegr@s Project curates, documents, and broadcasts Black Latino space both in the United States and Latin America as a whole. Their project ranges from pop culture to academia and provides an easily accessible archive that informs and prompts activism in and outside the classroom. While pundits [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Juana Rosa Cavero   9 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Thumbnail Juana Cavero We were thrilled to snag Juana Rosa Cavero for a quick conversation about her work as the director of the Reproductive Justice Coalition of Los Angeles . She has been working for reproductive justice, particular in communities of color, for several years, mixing astute on-the-ground advocacy experience with brilliant public policy analysis. The Reproductive Justice [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: We’re live on air: Coloring Latinidad   9 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    Coming at you live from the Interwebs! Feministing is hosting its first On Air Google Hangout today ! We’ll be talking at 3 pm EST/ Noon PST about colorism within the Latin@ community with three amazing feminist writers. Come check it out and tweet us your questions and thoughts at #ColoringLtd. We’ll be posting a written transcript of [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Anna Saini   9 months, 4 weeks ago · View

    Thumbnail Anna Saini Meet Anna Saini —a community organizer, author, and radical activist who is thrilled to be literally lending her voice to The Red Umbrella Diaries —a soon to be filmed documentary featuring seven LGBTQ sex worker storytellers. The film, which is still in its fundraising stage—check out its  Kickstarter!—will be a culmination of the Red Umbrella Project—a storytelling series [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Sara Seager   10 months ago · View

    Thumbnail photo credit: Charles Darrow It appears inevitable that whenever someone brings up space exploration I revert back into my twelve-year-old-Star-Wars-loving-self. Not to get all NOVA over here, but doesn’t it seem like curious wonderment about space is intrinsically wired into us? So imagine my joy to speak with Sara Seager, Professor of Planetary Science and Physics [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: E.J. Graff   10 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail Courtesy of E.J. Graff For three decades, E.J. Graff has been writing about topics that are near and dear to our hearts here at Femininsting. Covering subjects like the  social history of marriage  to the harassment of teenage girls at the workplace, Graff’s writing is clear, approachable, and impressively informative. Lining up with the second month anniversary of DOMA’s [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Mariska Hargitay   10 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Thumbnail Mariska Hargitay, NoMore.Org Known to millions of viewers as Detective Olivia Benson on  Law and Order: SVU , TV star Mariska Hargitay has just recently amped up her own “real life” activism with her involvement in the NO MORE campaign. The new campaign raises awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault through celebrity PSAs, social media strategy, and [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Samhita Mukhopadhyay   11 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Credit: Jonathan Grassi It’s certainly been a busy week here at Feministing! We’ve welcomed our new Executive Directors , Senior Editor, Editors, and Contributors all while keeping our signature swag. But we’re also marking the conclusion of Samhita Mukhopadhyay’s tenure as Feministing’s Executive Editor. Samhita has been a part of the Feministing team since 2005, while also being a kick-ass web strategist , [...]

  • Suzanna wrote a new blog post: The Feministing Five: Pramila Jayapal   11 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail Pramila Jayapal at We Belong Together’s civil disobedience on Thursday. Only hours after being released from jail for  urging the House of Representatives to take action on immigration reform,  Pramila Jayapal , feminist and immigration activist extraordinaire, graciously answered our questions for this week’s Feministing Five! Pramila has been an established leader in immigration reform for years, having founded Washington State’s [...]

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