• This is not a place – I think – that you want the argument to go. At least – not unless you want to be bitten by it. Anne Romney is wealthy now – very much so – and in a sense of cultural capital or accessible wealth she was never *poor* as such – [...]

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    I’m sorry, but could someone explain to me? What if funny about suggesting the Secretary of State would steal someone’s personal property? I would hope – no, make that confidently expect – that if Secretary Clinton found something belonging to former Secretary Rice she would have it returned ASAP – as that is what honest [...]

  • You are right. I never considered it before, but I am totally going to stop giving time and money to those sorts of charities. I”m going to try and convince my7 friends who do those Mexican mission things to rethink matters and come up with something that isn’t so condescending. Thank you so much.

  • But that is the reality. The aggressor defines the target. Think about it outside of the current context. Could you say to a burglar “You may take the radio but not the TV?” and be obeyed? No, of course not. The thief defines the list of ‘things to be stolen’. Could you say to a [...]

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    But in any ‘war’ the aggressor defines the target. Thus the question is not how woman is defined here – on this site – but how the term is defined in terms of the ‘war action’. Of course, that gets us to which persons and which actions make up an undefined war and so gets [...]

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