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  • Susie commented on the blog post The Savita Effect? How abortion policies really get liberalized   3 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Interesting article, and I agree with its overall message. I think before abortion on demand becomes an option, the women carrying babies who will die instantly after birth need some sort of protection, so their cases do not become tied in with general abortion(which faces more opposition). The idea that a pregnancy will continue on [...]

  • Isn’t that violating their constitutional rights as US citizens though? Isn’t there not an amendment that says something about, I don’t know, “the right to bare arms”? I think they have a case, the girls who got their arms covered up at least. Too bad for the ones who got anything else edited out, there’s [...]

  • I kind of figure that if any male feminist takes the time to actually ask, or to seriously think about what he should be doing as a part of the movement, he’s moving in the right direction, and should be treated with the same respect he’s showing feminism. He definitely shouldn’t be mocked or belittled [...]

  • Susie commented on the blog post Dear depression and self-loathing: Fuck you   4 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    To be honest, Mychal, you’re my favourite contributor on this site. I think you consistently talk the most sense, and your posts are excellent. I regularly read through the articles, and almost every time I go, “Yes, extremely sensible, very well-written, completely(or almost entirely) agree, really enjoyed it,” and then check the author, you’re the [...]

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