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    In a weird way I actually have some respect for the fact that BYU takes its own honor code seriously enough to hurt its own NCAA chances and all the publicity and money that comes with them. If they’d apply the code to John or Jane I-don’t-play-basketball Doe, then they should apply it universally. And [...]

  • Matt commented on the blog post “Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses are   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    Why does “performance” = “unsexy”? Aren’t positions “struck during actual real-life sex” also pretty performative? There seems to be a bit of a naturalistic fallacy going on here in the assumption that “positions struck during actual real-life sex” are objectively sexy, and other positional representations of “sexy” are somehow warped or “ridiculous.” Even on this [...]

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