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  • Erin commented on the blog post The Wednesday Weigh-In: Male birth control edition   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    “Women or men taking hormones as a contraceptive still sounds like a flawed solution.” Plenty of women take it to correct hormonal imbalances, so I wouldn’t be too worried. A woman and her doctor go through a lot of trial and error before finding the one that works. Of course, there are women who don’t [...]

  • Erin commented on the blog post Podium girls and the Tour de WTF?   4 years ago · View

    Am I missing something? I’ve worked twelve hour shifts and have been forced to smile. It’s called customer service. It sucks, but it’s paying my way through grad school.

  • “How do we persuade the childless, unmarried and economically stable men to join the ranks of US feminism?”

    I wish I knew. I get so frustrated trying to answer that question.

  • Erin commented on the blog post File This Under: Seriously Messed Up   4 years ago · View

    I sent one, too: Dear staff of The Cheeky, Rape and human trafficking are real, not a joke. While I like the idea of your product, I do not like its execution. The sex-toy sticker is hilarious. The bound woman is not. One in three women will be sexually assaulted. That’s a huge chunk of [...]

  • Erin commented on the blog post What We Missed   4 years ago · View

    Could anyone explain the logic behind the statute of limitations for rape cases?

  • Erin commented on the blog post NOM swears it preaches love, yet threatens violence   4 years ago · View

    What, they’re too afraid to come to Boystown? That’s disappointing. I’d be on Halstead dressed like a giant rainbow.

  • Erin commented on the blog post Louis C.K.’s unfunny sketch about race   4 years ago · View

    Watch the episode of his show called “Poker/Divorce.” Frankly, I like this guy. And I don’t have to wade through a ton of sexist jokes about boobies to listen to his stand-up.

  • Erin commented on the blog post Girl Scouts release new body image campaign   4 years ago · View

    Those are women are considered plus-size models? Good grief.

  • Erin commented on the blog post Schlafly: Non-fact based hater.   4 years ago · View

    I’m a Libertarian and yes, I hate big government. However, women still have a larger burden when it comes to raising children, and I recognize that programs to assist single mothers are necessary for the advancement of women (yes, I’m full of contradictions). She talks as if these women asked to have the sole burden [...]

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