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  • Love it.

  • andrea commented on the blog post The Wednesday Weigh-In: How can we give young people better sex education?   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    When I was just entering middle school, I had a fabulous sex-ed class – I think it was awesome because the teacher was fearless. The class wasn’t sex-ed, though. It was called ‘personal development and relationships’, and dealt with a lot more than sex. We talked about body image, drugs & drug abuse, home violence, [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post You didn’t ask, but here are my thoughts on attachment parenting anyway   1 year, 6 months ago · View

    I still can’t believe that attachment parenting is actually a thing. @_@ I mean, even stay-at-home parents: how the HELL do you find the time!? In & around all of the other stuff you have to do, I mean – chores, shopping, taking a shower, cooking, something creative or social to keep you sane – [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post Thanksgiving Open Thread   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    I’m thankful for this ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h95-IL3C-Z8

    Go, Scotland!

  • andrea commented on the blog post Sexual predators, double standards, and bullying   1 year, 9 months ago · View

    http://education.illinois.edu/edpsy/documents/EdWkBeyondBullyPrevEspelage.pdf One of the bullying prevention tactics I work with is to call it what it is. What happened to Amanda Todd was bullying comprised of sexism, misogyny, and slut-shaming. It was stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. More importantly, we can’t let women off the hook for those behaviors either. We know that (in [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post Is it really so bad?   1 year, 12 months ago · View

    I’m going to agree with Sark, here. Your date was certainly not very culturally sensitive, and her anger was way out of place. Even though the whole chivalry thing makes her uncomfortable (although in this case, it seems it just made her angry) it’s a point of polite conversation, not accusations and anger. I do [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post Better school lunches, please.   2 years ago · View

    There are so many problems regarding healthy eating, I don’t even know where to start. It’s a far more complex problem that involves insufficient health education, but also economics, geography, politics. . . If you’re a poor high-school student with 3$ to spend on your food for the day, your options are extremely limited. In [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post The Wednesday Weigh-In: Beef, respect, and male crews edition   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    First off, I live in South Korea, and the culture here is very Confucian-oriented, where people who are older than you, have more life experience than you, or are in position of authority, are to be respected and unchallenged. This is definitely changing, and creating conflicts in Korean society (kind of a generational schism). So [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post My story of vaginismus   2 years, 4 months ago · View

    I had the same problem in University. Vaginismus is a physical muscle-control issue, and the dilators don’t make you larger so much as get your muscles used to having something inside your vagina. It gets easier by practicing kegels while being penetrated as well. Still, it took me 6 months to go from zero to [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post I’m not his slave…   2 years, 5 months ago · View

    No no, it’s not just the internet. I’m an expat living abroad, and going *alone* to the local expat hangout is almost like a huge taboo thing to do. ‘Where is your husband?’ ‘Does your husband know you’re out?’ ‘Oh man, isn’t he going to be pissed to see you talking to me?’ ‘When is [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post 5 rape prevention tips (for guys)   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    This has got to be one of the most offensive things I have ever seen in my life. #1: Yes, all men are potential rapists. They are also potential thieves, murderers, and etc. So are all women, and non-binary identified folk. #2: Honeybee is certainly right on this one, if a guy is so drunk [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post No women allowed   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    If men can’t have men’s only spaces, then why are we okay with women-only spaces? Like women’s gyms, for example?

    Just say’in.

  • andrea commented on the blog post The Child-Free vs. “Breeder” war: why are we fighting it?   2 years, 10 months ago · View

    WHY is it so impossible in our society to have no desire to have children of our own, but to also like children, and cherish them? It seems to me that there is an almost toxic disgust and collective hatred of children in north america. Funding is no longer allocated for safe spaces for children, [...]

  • I wish I could have a wedding without getting married. Weddings done well are a ton of fun, and being married is not. Me and my partner have been presenting as married (we’re travelling – sometimes it’s just easier and safer to do it this way), and I never want to be ‘married’ again. People [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post The Week I Became an “Old Maid”   2 years, 12 months ago · View

    Wow! This almost perfectly describes some of my experiences in Korea. I AM part of a couple, but the questions are like “Married? Why not? Baby? Why not?” I have a really hard time explaining common-law, and an even harder time explaining not wanting to have children.

  • andrea commented on the blog post To our male allies: a challenge   3 years ago · View

    I’ve been reading the thread and feel like there’s an important piece missing from this discussion: women. Ellestar says ” I don’t have to be a statistician to know that a man who ignores my boundaries in small public interactions might also ignore my sexual boundaries as well.” I’m just going to put it out [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post Should social workers reveal their sexual identity to clients?   3 years ago · View

    I think it’s a barbaric and definitely oppressive step back to tell employees to EVER closet themselves in ANY situation, for ANY job. That said, there’s definitely no place for sexuality in the workplace. Ask your supervisor if she would be okay with an employee sharing that fact that he/she is an assault survivor with [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post The Wednesday Weigh-In: Harry Potter edition   3 years ago · View

    The first time that I remember recognizing the ‘end of an era’ was (I know that this is cliche) September 11, 2001. I was 14 at the time, and I remember thinking, ‘this is going to change everything.’ It did. Then there was the election in Canada in 2006, which saw the election of our [...]

  • andrea commented on the blog post Birth Control and Long Distance Counseling   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    Has the relationship between the Nuvaring and yeast infections been positively linked?

  • andrea commented on the blog post Birth Control and Long Distance Counseling   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    Hiya! A friend of mine went through the same thing in High School, only she wasn’t able to connect it to her birth control for almost 6 months. When the connection was finally made, she went through a few months experimenting with different brands and hormone levels. Every woman’s body is different, and birth control [...]

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