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    Why wouldn’t 13- 17 year olds be considered children? They’re still young people, and the pimps arrested were profiting off of their struggles to survive. That being said, I appreciate the analysis. The FBI gets to play hero while perpetuating oppressive systems, and then are celebrated. Ick.

  • I think his wife has said she did not give consent to him, or that is implied in her forgiving him. You’re right though, my “worry” that he wasn’t respecting his wife was based on stereotypes. I wish there was another answer, though, than it becoming a personal matter if she’s feeling pressured. It matters [...]

  • I think this question is so important! While I want to respect consensual sex and be non-judgmental, I am bothered when I hear about things like Anthony Wiener’s texting affairs or whatever. I believe that the hierarchies we live in give a lot of power to older, successful men, and this imbalance creates a situation [...]

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