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  • Stella commented on the blog post In defense of crying at work   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    It was pretty much impossible not to cry at my former job, since we were routinely forced to work 24 hour days under enormous pressure, get yelled at by clients and generally never see the light of day. Everyone cried and had other breakdowns (breaking stuff, yelling at people, dipping into the scotch bottle you [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Guest post: Leaning in doesn’t work for everyone   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    Thank you for writing this. One interesting question raised for me is the extent to which the predicament many women find themselves in after their 20s is the RESULT of “leaning in” by trying to compete in professional roles that are simply not possible for them to succeed at without the support structure men in [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Gender essentialism and the feminist housewife   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    OK, Natasha, just for the sake of argument, I am going to grant you your “its HARD to leave your child in the care of someone else” belief, even though, after an appropriately long maternity leave I was happy to do so for several hours per day in order to pay the mortgage. But do [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Feminism is totally cool with Beyoncé posing in her underwear   1 year, 9 months ago · View

    As a feminist mother, I think the idea of a newer, working mom on the cover of a magazine looking amazing and sexy is fantastic. There are so many stereotypes of what mothers should be like, many of which involved some version of frumpy and asexual or “damaged” by the fact we reproduced. Not all [...]

  • Another reason to choose a midwife for your reproductive healthcare needs, ladies.


  • Separate from our thoughts on the absolute level of where the tax cuts kick in, I’d be interested to hear folks’ thoughts about the closeness of the individual/couple numbers. Should high-earning people be taxed more because they are a member of a couple? Isn’t this premised rest partially on the construct that this country is [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Erin Matson weighs in on eating disorders and pregnancy, kicks ass   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    Congratulations to Erin and thanks for covering this topic. As someone who has had body image issues and two (wonderful) pregnancies, I wanted to add a few things. Part of the obsession with pregnancy weight gain in the US is driven by our OB/GYN, hospital-based maternity care system which puts undue emphasis on a one-size-fits [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Report: Women hold only 14.3 percent of executive positions at major companies   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    Its not baffling to me at all – as someone who had a working mom in the 80s and is now a working mom, it makes perfect sense. To get ahead in the professions or big business nowadays, you increasingly have to work very long hours and be connected 24/7. Yes, people had to work [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Ross Douthat wants more American babies   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    As I said in a comment yesterday, I am really puzzled that feminists would be so apoplectic about an article which highlights for folks that our population rate is dropping lower than those of countries like France, which have sane policies that make mothers’ lives livable. No other developed country in this world denies moms [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post What we missed   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I did not see a problem with the NYTimes articles about the US’s declining birthrate. The fact is, life becomes very difficult when a country’s population precipitously falls. Try paying for social security and medicare when the recipients outnumber the working population 4-1. There is nothing anti-feminist about saying the US should have policies that [...]

  • Really, though, if no one would defend an accused criminal in court in accordance with the legal duties impose of defense attorneys (i.e., defend your client zealously in accordance with the law), that criminal could not be put in jail. Sure, that particular lawyer could have resigned. But then someone else would need to step [...]

  • I 100% agree with the fact these statements were wrong and absurd, and with all your coverage of this horrible situation. However, I would just remind people that criminal defense attorneys have a sworn legal and ethical duty to defend their clients however they can short of lying to the court. When you are a [...]

  • Having studied the self-interested and anti-evidence stuff that the APA and especially the ACOG do in the childbirth sphere, when they do stuff like this I have to wonder what is going on….I am all for women of all ages being empowered in their sexual lives, but again, I have known too many people who [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post OB/GYNs call for the pill to be available over-the-counter   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I agree with you that the pill should be more easily available, and certainly should not require one to see a trained surgeon – which is at core what OB/GYNs are. We totally overuse OB/GYNs in this country for a host of our reproductive health needs — use them far more than coutries with much [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post What we missed   2 years ago · View

    So let’s get this straight – no one is allowed to discuss childhood obesity because that would mean they hate fat people. Of course, better to let a large percentage of the next generation live shorter and sicker lives, all the while protecting the profits of big food as it destroys our traditional food culture, [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Jessica Simpson and the post-baby body “reveal”   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    I would have hated to have my body put into the spotlight (like a star’s is) after my pregnancies. Being around lots of women who have had babies has shown me that everyone’s body responds differently to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I certainly would have hated being put in the spotlight in the immediate post-birth days, [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post 5 reasons why Michelle Obama would make a better president than Mitt Romney   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    “Yes, it was marinated in mom-talk (as was the entire night, really), but she spoke a truth with such transparency, integrity and hope — which is exactly what America needs right now. ” Sorry, Vanessa, but how is it feminist to imply that speaking about one’s role as a mother is somehow a “but” to [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Rape is not sex   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    Just as you say, the conservatives, and anti-women people more generally, typically have a what I call a “property model” of rape. Since these folks do not see women as people, but instead as the property of particular men, the WOMAN’s consent is irrelevant. “Rape” is a label they put on sex that is not [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post A thank you note for Todd Akin   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    Thank you. As someone who still, hope against hope, harbors libertarian feminist sentiments, thank you. There is NOTHING libertarian left in that Republican party. For all the reasons you said, especially the idea that these idiots think paying a tax is somehow more f an infringement that BEARING A CHILD – thank you. They have [...]

  • Stella commented on the blog post Faster, higher, and stronger – but no less sexist   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    I think this whole things is very interesting. If a person can qualify for Olympic swimming, that person is clearly “fit.” So Herald’s ruse that this is about “fitness” is very clearly just that — a ruse. And an obvious one at that. I think that person who came up with the original article critiquing [...]

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