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  • I guess that trans WOC are ‘profiled’ as sex workers because the average police officer is hardly the embodiment of acceptance. There are police offiecers who definitely get a power thrill out of harrassing people, and trans WOC are often a highly visible and vulnerable target.

  • No one is denying that they are a reality, but the notion that somehow it is the fault of women in general, or feminist women in particular that men and emotions are not supposed to mix is just blatantly absurd. Men shame other men when they express the ‘soft’ emotions. Women do sometimes also do [...]

  • 15 – I went to college and uni on courses that were over 80% women. The men that were there got SO much more floor time, and were not challenged enough. A lecturer told me that men would find it easier to get a job (social work). Imo some of these men would have made [...]

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    I saw this docu around 1995 and it made me really sad. What I remember best was how she seemed to be nearly crying most of the time, and talking about taking heroin after the so called ‘gang bang’ . As you say this is a story about a woman in pain, and finding INCREDIBLY [...]

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    Made me think of the breast cancer awareness t shirts (Save Second Base and the like) that focus on the breasts to be saved- not as a health issue mind, but as a way of ensuring that men do not have to lose important breast leering/ groping time . I know it really isn’t analogous, [...]

  • That really should read ‘They have higher than average empathy AS boys’

  • “She should start by demonstrating a respectful demeanor towards the boy’s father, even if they aren’t a couple.” WHAT? Whilst I would hardly take issue with the sentiment of the statement, on its own, it very much gives the impression that some men rape because women have not given them sufficient respect. I do hope [...]

  • Both my boys went through a horribly sexist period, as a result of going to school. It passes, but I do not know if there is anything you can do to stem the tide of gender identification. Like it or not, your son will recognise that as a male he is better than females – [...]

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    The ‘forced to penetrate’ crime is not so much a woman raping a man, as a male victim being forced to have sex with another – could be a man or a woman, by a man or a woman, but usually more than one perpetrator. It is a crime where women are represented as perpetrators, [...]

  • caro commented on the blog post Feminism is totally cool with Beyoncé posing in her underwear   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    ‘Feminism is totally cool with Beyonce posing in her underwear’. Yes and no. It is a bit like saying that the church accepts LGBT people. Some do, many do not. There is a huge diversity of opinion and ideology within feminism, as with all non conservative ideologies. As I grow older, and understand more about [...]

  • caro commented on the blog post Feminism is totally cool with Beyoncé posing in her underwear   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    Yes, context has to count for something. Certainly does not reflect well on Beyonce that she either did not know what the magazine were publishing when she was on the cover, or worse, knew and just doesn’t care because her financial independence from men includes doing just about anything for the wonga.

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