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  • With regard to the discussion on women not wanting to look like athletes… can we talk about the fact that it’s fucked up that the beauty standard for women values weakness? I know women who get upset if they gain muscle definition and say it’s “gross.” How can something that makes you stronger, healthier and [...]

  • Sierra Phoenix wrote a new blog post: Review: Pixar’s Brave is braver than it looks   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Pixar’s  Brave is every fairy tale and none of them. It’s every trope and none of them. It’s filled with lovable scamps, bumbling eccentrics, defiant courage, enchanted landscapes, stifling expectations and unintended consequences. And it’s filled with beautiful brogue and wayward redheads. I’m going to talk my way through this movie. It’s currently 10:30pm. I left the [...]

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