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  • Yuck! So gross! Mark Driscoll is just all kinds of despicable. And of course he talks about it as though gay men and women don’t exist, where the opposite sex’ genitals would not be involved at all. But of course it’s not surprising since he (and others like him) believe that “all people” should be [...]

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    The one about the poorer and less healthy LGBT women was just heartbreaking! As a queer person this just makes me want to take action more! Of course only straight and bisexual women would use and need birth control, but there seriously needs to be better access to healthcare all around!

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    I really enjoyed the article about Laverne Cox. Sadly I never knew about Angela Morley until reading that. And it truly is a shame that no one has mentioned her before as being the first trans person nominated. But of course, as was said in the article, it’s easy to understand why. Scoring noms are [...]

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    Great post! We really do need to change the way the world thinks about women and let them know that ALL women (and men) are beautiful, individual complex human beings. But still really sad that you had such anger when seeing a black man dating a white woman, even though it’s completely understandable why you [...]

  • emmie commented on the blog post Vintage homophobia: Tips for when you meet a lesbian from 1988   5 months, 1 week ago · View

    The whole thing….. wow. Especially numbers 5 and 10. For #5, um if the woman is straight then obviously she won’t be attracted to the woman. And for #10, hmmm how did she get this way? Well….. let’s see…. maybe she was BORN THAT WAY! Just like any other homosexual person! Sheesh! Was there ever [...]

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    Loved PolicyMic’s portrait of queer and gender non-conforming people. That was pretty damn awesome. :-) The only one I thought was kind of “um… okay”, was the one who called them-self a “gold star” butch daddy. Well isn’t that pretty much how it is for the average gay person anyway? I can imagine many homosexual [...]

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    Ugh. George Zimmerman needs to just go away FOREVER. Well actually he needs to be locked up since he’s a disgusting racist and a murderer. And the article about “choosing to be gay”, ooph! I see a lot of controversy headed toward that. LOT’s of people, gays and lesbians alike will most likely disagree with [...]

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    The Academy just rescinded one of the nominations from the Best Original Song category for the incredibly racist movie Alone Yet Not Alone. Ha Ha!

  • emmie commented on the blog post The Academic Feminist: Finding Queer Feminist Community in Academia   8 months, 1 week ago · View

    I can understand a large amount of frustration that a vast majority of lesbians might have at the “LUG” segment on the HuffPost. Many of them might find the whole thing insulting, and argue that there is nothing fluid about their sexuality at all. A lot of them might not even believe that fluidity is [...]

  • emmie commented on the blog post Weekly Feminist Reader   9 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    For the “Can’t men be sexually fluid too?” Is a bit insulting for a couple of reasons. First people who question that are ones who dismiss bisexual and other queer identified men, as well the idea that men CAN in fact be sexually fluid as much as there are women. One just has to look [...]

  • Excellent post. And I’m glad this is being addressed. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t take male victims as seriously. And of course that needs to change. Not many people also realize that that type toxic culture is among some women as well. There are lot’s of women that likewise high-five their own [...]

  • On Yahoo news an article about this referred to it as an “Odd interview compliment”. Excuse me? A “compliment”?! Really? Wow, of course.

  • emmie commented on the blog post Remember, “rape culture” is just a myth   12 months ago · View

    Geez…… Some days I just want to wake up and live in a different universe. Away from most of humanity. And be happy and feel safe for once. *sigh*

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    There are some very false statistics about how “false rape allegations” are in the “50%” range. Some of these come from the MRA’s that you support. When in actuality, the false rape allegations are really in the 2-8% range. Unfortunately that is considered a high number, when it should never happen at all. But the [...]

  • All I can really say is “yuck!” That is terrible that that has happened to you Syreeta. I can’t imagine what my reaction would have been if some stranger tried that crap on me. I have actually not watched the Miley Cyrus performance because I know it will just be extremely uncomfortable to watch. Especially [...]

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    Why would you be “surprised” about it? Feminists (and especially Feministing) is perfectly open to advocating for the rights of fathers all over the world. It depends on the particular situation of course, but still. And concerning the whole MRM, no the reason why a lot of feminists don’t like it is because many of [...]

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    You know, as much as I think it is totally badass that Mark Ruffalo is pro-choice, I’ll admit I have more of a “love-hate” thing for him. I completely adore him because of his sometimes feminist views which he displays; but good grief some of his choices in films like, “The Kids Are All Right”. [...]

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    What the heck are you talking about? Comparing how cis-gendered people are being “mistreated” here, compared to how feminists “treat men” is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. A lot of feminism is about getting rid of stereotypes and tropes and other horrible sexists beliefs that plague women (and men). And it’s about calling out [...]

  • emmie commented on the blog post Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    The Colorlines review for “Orange is the New Black” was very insightful on some of the issues. But the only part I kind of take issue with, is the whole “fluidity” of sexuality on the show that has been described. The reason why I don’t really like that, is because it’s this type of thinking [...]

  • emmie commented on the blog post Video: Sneak peek at VH1′s “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    Wow!!! I am REALLY excited for this! I’ve been a fan of TLC since I was a little girl. And all of the actresses look great as TLC! Especially Lil Mama, she both looks and has the personality of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes down so well! Can’t wait. :)

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