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  • Selkt Sa commented on the blog post Afghanistan: Opium, poverty, and women   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    in hungary it was custom to give the baby poppy seed tea (opium is made from the poppy head, the seed box) until around the 50′s, so the baby would keep quiet. and bread dipped in pálinka (strong alcoholic spirit, around 40%). result: highly intoxicated kids. and yes, in hungary are men, who help in [...]

  • Selkt Sa commented on the blog post My Mother ate Pigeon Pie, inequility in the home   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    hmmm. i was reminded by this post, how my grandma used to sit on the “hokedli” (chair without back, “hocken” – german, lots of hungarian words come from german – to double over) that was placed between the oven and the table, so she can just reach out and serve everyone. grandpa, her son, my [...]

  • Selkt Sa commented on the blog post Farewell, Feministing!   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    dear jessica, you are my feminist role model. as i have seen your feminist work, i also have co-founded a feministing-style blog with my fellow feminist friends in hungary, called http://www.nokert.hu (nőkért – for women, author katica), and we also founded http://www.megeroszakoltak.blog.hu (megerőszakoltak – i have been raped, author selkt-sa), so the hungarian feminists have [...]

  • Selkt Sa commented on the blog post A New Addition to the Feministing Family   4 years ago · View

    oh my god, i wish all the best for all of you. i hope for the best. my prayers are with you. good health and happy life for jessica and layla. hellp and pre-eclampsia are not the best starter for a new mother and a new baby…

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