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    I decided to turn it around. I announced that every time someone used the word cunt as an insult, $10 will get donated to RAINN. $60 later ($40 for each use, plus $20 from a reader) I have not heard from any more trolls :) As for the ex-boyfriend, he has threatened to sue me [...]

  • sejones101 wrote a new blog post: in hell.   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    I’ve written about the abuse I experienced as an undergraduate at a religious university; some of you may have read my recent guest post on this site about feminism and recently. And some of you may have even read my blog, anthonybsusan.wordpress.com, and may know that I discussed the assault in greater detail there. I’m not [...]

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post Stop labeling women as “psychos”!!!   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Try being diagnosed as bipolar. Count every time you’ve been called “psycho” and multiply it by ten. Imagine what it feels like to have that label hurled at you by your family, your (former) friends, and the medical community. And yeah, it’s ready ammo for every wounded male ego. Rejected a potential boyfriend? Of course [...]

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post Preserving prepubescence   4 years ago · View

    Yep, I agree with Anjali. The article is merely stating the study’s findings, it’s not offering a value judgment about them. And not once did it encourage girls to delay puberty. The study encouraged families to make certain healthy lifestyle adjustments, and I don’t see that as a bad thing.

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post The Trouble With “Females”   4 years ago · View

    Yep, the whole book was like that. And Cooper is supposedly a giant of early American literature. Last of the Mohicans isn’t just masculine, it’s macho. It defines men by their abilities to track, shoot and protect “females.” I remember being disgusted that there were only two major female characters and neither one had any [...]

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post The Trouble With “Females”   4 years ago · View

    Personally I’ve always had a problem with the use of the word “female,” at least in literature. I have very strong memories of reading the Last of the Mohicans in sixth grade and wondering “Hey, why are the women always called females but the guy is never called a male?” I got so annoyed that [...]

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post What We Missed: Girls Gone Wild, child care costs and more   4 years ago · View

    There are a couple concerning aspects of that ad. Both can be found in the clothing sale line. First, the dig at skinny women is really unnecessary. There’s no need to celebrate *any* body type over another. Second, why is it that all women must be obsessed with clothing sales? It’s like, hooray, let’s celebrate [...]

  • Sorry for the double comment, couldn’t help myself (coffee! sugar! hurray!) but dude. His site has personal ads. And check out the romance novel.

  • First: my initial reaction to this story reflects the amount of coffee and sugar this morning. Which means that I now want to design T-shirts that read: “Don Milton says I’m a whore!” Anyway. I would say that, as odious as this man is, he has next to zero influence in the Christian community, and [...]

  • sejones101 commented on the blog post “You’re so ______”   4 years ago · View

    I love this post so, much. My dad was physically abusive, and this past spring I got into a relationship that quickly became abusive as well. My ex sexually assaulted me. I’m just now able to put words to what happened. And you know what? I didn’t leave him when it happened. He told me [...]

  • sejones101 wrote a new blog post: on Quiverfulls, apostasy, and maybe learning how to dance.   4 years, 1 month ago · View

    I’m new to the feminist movement. Consider me something of an ideological refugee: I have spent all twenty-two years of my life immersed in the fundamentalist Christian subculture, and my hasty departure from this movement occurred barely two years ago. Not that I’d really been a model fundamentalist before then. I got expelled from Christian high [...]

  • sejones101 wrote a new blog post: support groups?   4 years, 4 months ago · View

    I’m trying to move on from an abusive situation with an ex-boyfriend, and it’s been very difficult. I attend therapy on a regular basis, but I think it might help me to talk to other women who have been through similar situations. Does anyone have experience with support groups like this? I’d be willing to try [...]

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