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  • That’s actually kind of the opposite of what I thought — I thought ‘Yeah, this is a pretty cis-normative video, but I get the spirit of what they’re saying’ and, indeed, it’s the idea that it would be absurd to have sex-reassignment surgery JUST to get a pay raise (and to pee on walls, that’s [...]

  • If you’re making a comment that then proceeds to devolve into strawman arguments, then you’re part of the problem, dude.

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Feminism shouldn’t make men comfortable   1 month ago · View

    You sure that Emma Watson’s ‘invitation’ was REALLY about trying to make men COMFORTABLE in a feminist setting? I kinda got the impression (because she is British, and they do have a more… civilized way of doing things than us Yankees) that her ‘invitation’ was less of ‘please, I’m begging you to come in’ and [...]

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    So… your example using Game of Thrones is that its objectionable just because it depicts rape and mistreatment of women? It’s not glorifying it, but portraying it realistically (admittedly, the HBO adaptation is not as loyal to the books as it could be, but at least it’s not portraying abuse as romance, or, at the [...]

  • He’s not comparing the characters of Clair Huxtable with Shonda Rhimes. He’s comparing the articles that other, non-women of color write about them. And don’t tell him to sit in the corner to think about what he did — what are you, his mother?

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Yes, your friend may be a rapist   1 month, 1 week ago · View

    …Actually, nobody would call you out on being ‘strange’. Have you SEEN the paranoia in our society these days?

    And in any case, if THAT was your point, just SAY it. All it takes is poor wording and you sound like a victim-blaming A-hole, and ain’t nobody’s fault but your own.

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Victim Blaming Among Peers   2 months ago · View

    “Another comment that bothered me was a peer in my class believed that both the girl and boy should be charged with something. I quickly told her that you can’t be charged with rape. The girl was old enough to drink which means that there is absolutely no fault. ” …I think this wasn’t worded [...]

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Photo of the Day: Attack of the giant vagina!   4 months, 1 week ago · View

    I’m guessing the lesson is ‘Don’t try and walk into giant sculptures of vagina’s unless you know how to get out the way you got in.’

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post The New S-Word   4 months, 1 week ago · View

    I actually got this talk from my manager at work — we’ve apparently been apologizing “too much” to our customers because, in his words “We’re making them a great product that will take a few minutes to cook. We shouldn’t be sorry about that.” Here’s the catch — my boss (and myself) are privileged, upper-class, [...]

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Texas GOP endorses harmful ex-gay conversion therapy   4 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    To answer your question, Katie: No — they aren’t planning to adopt any kids, because it would infringe on their right to have the freedom to choose to adopt children.

    (So, let the hypocrisy begin!)

  • Yeah — go, Willis, for trying to do something and not being condescending. That’s cool!

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Ladies, you should probably masturbate more   5 months ago · View

    How were the surveyors defining ‘masturbation’? Any kind of sexual activity that didn’t involve another party? Penetration? A complete orgasm? The intention behind the action? Those kinds of questions aren’t only scientifically important, but would help get a sense of how women define masturbation because of the screwed-up ideal that society gives us (aka masturbation [...]

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Yes, your friend may be a rapist   5 months ago · View

    …Dude? Did you THINK before posting that? Or is there some nuance that I’m not picking up on? Because, from my perspective, I read that reply and see ‘Yeah, but you never know how many women are just making it up when they accuse men of raping them, so shouldn’t you give those poor accused [...]

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post Am I a whore then?   5 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    I never understood the ‘Giving away pieces of yourself’ thing — blame the Aspergers, if you want, but my train of thought was always ‘Well, if I can give that away, isn’t that a GOOD thing? If you give away money or possessions, that’s thought of as charity, so giving away ‘pieces’ of yourself to [...]

  • Of all anime to talk about with feminist/sexist themes to point out you chose Utena, Penguindrum, Kill la Kill and Madoka Magica? That’s… that’s ABSURD cherry-picking, but I shouldn’t complain — anime is SO huge in swathe and influence that you really need to give each individual series/franchise an individual look. I mean, you wanna [...]

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post On Celebrating Female Authors   7 months, 1 week ago · View

    What, no love for Amy Tan (Joy Luck Club, one of the most famous books with female protagonists ever written?) She’s got a lot of books, too by the way — her most recent one was ‘The Valley of Amazement”

    Also look up Lisa See, Joanne Harris, and Jhumba Lahiri.

  • Jacqueline Hentzen commented on the blog post How to Be a Short-Haired Female   9 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    Um… am I missing something? Is this supposed to be satirical? Mocking the articles that focus on women’s beauty and style? Because, if it isn’t, it seems a little… um… not… post-worthy… for feministing? Just sayin’.

  • PEOPLE! Maybe focus more on the intent of the article — that is, calling out Bill O’Reilly for being an awful excuse for a human being who truly, sincerely believes his disgusting, transphobic words — instead of the feminist-allied guy, whom is standing up for trans-rights, writing the article accidentally mixing up ‘Trans-boy’ and ‘trans-girl’? [...]

  • I’ve noticed actually a similar trend with men — hear me out — in that when two men have a particularly close friendship, they’re either pigeonholed as ‘gay’ or expected to partake in some pretty disgusting displays to prove that they’re ‘still men’. And, really, I think it all comes from the same source — [...]

  • Watch it, there — your privilege is showing (and yes, this is coming from someone else who’s privilege shows from time to time, so that’s saying something) The thing about always smiling, always putting on a happy face for customers is that, after a while, you start smiling like this: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121113171624/zimwiki/images/e/e0/NICK.png And, for some reason, [...]

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